BDO 8 month update

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    It is hard to believe our BDO chapter has been active for over 8 months now! We started things off Feb. 28 of this year, and keep on trucking. A great combat system has kept a lot of us interested in the game, along with a deep crafting system and tons of different ways to advance a character.

    Our most recent siege saw us take the Capital city of Calpheon, and our banners were spread throughout the crown jewel of BDO:



    We keep on doing our thing in BDO. While the game appears to be entering more of a 'login weekly for raids/sieges' mode, we're still having a good time with the game and hoping to keep our guild strong for as long as possible.

    @BDO Chapter thanks for making this chapter a fun place to log into and hang out in TS everyone!
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