Beta 1 - What you need to know!

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    Beta 1 Patch Notes:

    What to expect from Beta 1

    • Wiping often during Beta, especially while all the classes are not in the game
    • Players can create a character of any allowable Realm/race/class combination
      • Unique player names per server
      • Players will start with Realm- and class-appropriate equipment
      • No crafting class at start of Beta 1
    • Starter island
      • PvP free, owned by specific realms
      • Spawn location for new players or those who log out in newly contested areas
      • Each Landing Area should have a dock, a number of portals, and some basic buildings and walls
      • A portal to the Contested Islands
    • Building islands
      • A type of Safe Island where there is no PvP, nor players from other Realms allowed
      • Constructed for building; easy to build on
      • Plenty of resource nodes scattered around the island in convenient places
      • Players will only be able to have one plot on a Safe Island per account
      • Can still take plots in Contested Islands, but to limit the number of islands/servers that we will need for Beta 1, we will limit the ability of players to claim multiple plots
    • Plots
      • Each plot will have a "total number of blocks" limit; will change throughout Beta 1
      • Plots have a building height limit
      • Plot ownership is persistent, unless the plot is abandoned by the player or wiped by us
    • Contested islands
      • Starting with just one Contested Island, but we will add more during Beta 1
      • The main Contested Island needs to be large enough to have buildings and RvR, but not so large that players have to run 30 minutes to get to the fight
      • Do not run 24x7, and are only opened up for specific times and/or events
      • Have a limited number of plots that can be claimed by any Realm
    • Crafting
      • Crafting in Beta 1 doesn’t feel like a job; artificially sped up and will change over time
      • All players in the game will have access to the crafting system in Beta 1, unless we hit the bonus goal of having a separate crafter class for Beta 1
    • Taking / harvesting / gathering
      • Nodes should be scattered around the world, but each Safe Island should have the appropriate raw materials for their Realm
      • The main Contested Island should have some special materials to reward people for going there
      • Players should be able to go up to Resource Nodes, such as for Metal, Wood, Stone, Leather, Cloth, and possibly Infusions, and take raw materials from them
      • For Beta 1, reduce the weight of all materials or adjust encumbrance/carrying capacity so players can carry lots of materials for crafting and building
    • Parties, raids, guilds
      • No multi-guilding per character
      • MVP for warbands (party), battlegroup (raid), and order (guild)


    Who has free invites to the beta?

    Probably no one; unless they were an original kick starter backer. Pledges from the online store all list invites to Beta 3 as a reward, not Beta 1.

    Can I have one of those Beta 3 invites?

    Certainly - when Beta 3 begins. I have three to hand out but no way to do so.

    How can I get into Beta 1?

    The cheapest pledge with access to Beta is titled "I am the Warrior" and it is listed at $60 USD.

    They let you upgrade your pledge at any time so I would recommend starting there and upgrading to a higher tier if you enjoy the game. Please keep in mind people are expecting the Beta phase to last a long time.


    I will certainly be checking out the beta whenever I get the chance. It is still too early to go hardcore, just like crowfall I would recommend waiting for a solid soft release date before committing a lot of time and effort into the game.
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  2. Glisseal Lord

    That beta 3 stuff is BS....when they 1st came out those reward invites just said Beta.
  3. scipio Active Member

    I am in Beta 2, fwiw

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