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Discussion in 'Camelot Unchained' started by Devilman, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    We are going to hold an Alpha and IT test this weekend, starting now. If all goes well with this test, we’ll open it up for Beta 1 next week, as soon as we can resolve a couple of bugs that we know are lurking in the code. In the meantime, Alpha and IT folks: Enjoy the weekend, but please keep in mind that we do not consider this a truly stable build, so problems are expected.

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  2. Leshil Warlord

  3. Leshil Warlord

    This streamer has been talking to Mark Jacobs about being one of their official streamers this winter. Put the link here in case it bears fruit. Mark was on board with it.

    Also, @Haiden you interested in streaming for Mark?
  4. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Well just got an email, Beta 1 testing looks to be ramping up!
  5. Pookee Lord

    Gimme dat email. You aint' got no computer anyways
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