Black Desert Online CBT 2 Annoucement

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    LoTD will be hosting an unofficial chapter in Black Desert Online!!!!!

    This is a PvP oriented game. There is no significant PvE other than farming. We will be focusing on city sieges, node control, and GvG warfare. Arena and battlegrounds will also be available. We already have 45 former LoTD members who have signed up. Closed Beta Test 2 runs from Feb. 18th to Feb. 22nd with official launch happening on March 3rd. Pre-Orders will allow early access as soon as Feb 28th and also guarantee CBT2 access. Beta codes can also be obtained from giveaways on many MMO websites. Combat is the BEST of any MMO to date. Nothing comes close to it and it really shines in PvP.

    Here is the to the official site:

    Check out the next generation action combat!

    Check out the BDO sub forums:

    Contact Mange, Iseng, Lake, Soth, Lord_Topo, or Guiliford if you have any questions!
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  3. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    @Valus get that beta key!
  4. Acebets New Member

    Hey Mange i was with you guys for SWTOR im ready for BDO sign me up sir!!!
  5. Iseng Warlord

    Put in a post on the recruitment subforum and hell get you fixed up!
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