Black Desert Online: LotD Landed Top 5

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    1 Year Anniversary Lands LotD Top 5

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 months since our last update. That means our chapter (and the game) is celebrating its 1 year anniversary!! If we were a kid, we would be given a smash cake (let’s face it, there’s a few of us who enjoy this now…. FIVE) *cough*

    Our chapter has proven we are a force to be reckoned with. Many times, we have been underestimated. Let’s take a short trip down memory lane:

    • Over Christmas / New Years, we held out against some top guilds - including Barcode!
    • We took, lost, and re-took Balenos. We have kept that for 5 straight weeks
    • We have had some awesome wars against Barcode, Alloy, ChoNation, and Wolves of War
    • Dec’s were a plenty! We had some great skirmishes at Pirates, Gatekeepers, Sausages – all over the place
    • We made THREE war ships! And by “we”, I need to call our some special people. A lot of folks contributed - but Anthony, Dee, Vurk, Devil – you guys did a lot to make this happen. All hail the SS Lords of the Sea, Lord of the Whales (ok we need to fire who came up with this name), and VurkDeeLoveBoat

    None of this would be possible without our members. YOU GUYS are the reason why all this has happened, why we have been kicking ass for the last year. Pat yourself on the back, grab yourself a beer, and high five – cause y’all are awesome!

    If you really look at this image in this post, ya’ll should be proud. Iconic (died), Barcode (we beat over holidays), Man-up / Gravity are engaging in some kind heavy petting…. That makes us, functionally, #3 on the server! I foresee great things in our future. We all just need to knuckle down, keep fighting, grind our hearts out to 60+, and not want to slam our hands in a car door after enchanting accessories!

    As you know... We are leaving Balenos this weekend. Look for more PvP in the future!

    So… lets move on to some community highlights. In these past 4 months the BDO Chapter has helped to contribute to:

    • Added roughly 40 chapter members to the community
    • 4 new BDO Officers
    • 4 new Lords
    • 1 new Warlord (sorry @Guilford, YOU CAN’T LEAVE)
    • 1 new-ish old Elder (ok, @Soth was in October, but still…)
    Welcome and congrats to these folks! They have all worked very hard. Some in multiple chapters. This is typically a thankless job - so if you take 2 seconds to say thank you to one of them - I guarantee that you will make their day. Which is my time for a shameless plug for Lord candidates. If you’re interested in getting more involved in the community – see the below.

    The Lord rank is determined on a promotion or application and recommendation basis. Applications require the support of one RCoD member in order to be considered and will be judged on an objective basis based on the recommendation of that RCoD member and the following criteria:

    1: At least 6 months in good standing in at least one chapter in the guild

    2: Documented contributions in some form of positive way to the guild.

    3: Demonstrate an understanding of the guild and chapter structures as well as an effort to learn more about all of the chapters past and present.

    All Lord promotions done on an application/recommendation basis will be by majority of active RCoD members. RCoD members in the BDO community are Lake, Iseng, Leshil, and Soth.

    Forum Link:

    As always, we have exiting things coming up in the community. Crowfall and CU is on the horizon. It’s a great time to be an LotD member! Keep coming to the forums for more updates. :)

    - Getta

    @BDO Chapter
    @BDO Leadership
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