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  1. Icesin Lord

    Bless Online is coming to Steam 2018.
    Welcome to the Bless Online community hub!

    Now, you may be asking “A Bless Online community hub on Steam?
    Will this mean Bless Online is coming to Steam? Is it being released globally?”
    The answer to both questions are… resounding “Yes!”

    Enjoyed the Korean beta cant wait to see it in English.
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  2. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Oh gosh can my heart take another Korean MMO?

    How have they monetized the game so far? Would you say it is similar to AA or BDO?
  3. Icesin Lord

    I think there are enough games around that time line. That most wont touch the game. However Neowiz will be self publishing the game. Bless has been rebuilt with a lot of changes. So I cant answer your question Phil. I have not played the new build.

    You have CF. Also Ashes and CoE are going into alpha 0 , and of course CU and Pantheon all are much better games.
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  4. Leshil Warlord

    Pantheon seems like a fun throwback game.
  5. Hope New Member

    I might try this out.
  6. bizzaro Guilford's bromance

    I watched some videos on this and I'm not impressed with the combat system.

  7. darksidexin Member

    I was wondering for everyone here interested in Bless Online if "we" as a community are getting in on the early start launch in may, and if we are is there any lords/warlords that will be heading up the application or steps to make this a chapter. I mention this cause the guild recruitment is up on reddit

    i feel as if i may not have permission to post in lotd's name due to my membership however would like to assist or take a larger role in our community to help with the chapter of Bless.

    Thank you
  8. Kynikos Member

    Looks pretty similar to BDO, but there's not much info about it. However, every other game people are waiting for probably isn't going to be ready til 2019, and there's a good chance they wind up crappy so....I'll probably give it a shot. Looks nice with the limited information that's available so far.

    It's going to be buy to play.
  9. Icesin Lord

    I have seen some of the changes, combat still isn't the best. But I'm glad they took control and made a lot of the changes they did. I would not have played it had it released as the build I played in beta a while back. I am also going to give it ago. I am not sure it has what it takes yet to be a long term game. Will def be interesting to see if the translation has been completed correctly.
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  10. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    Played the game on korea, and japan. It's only "alright". If you're looking for something new, bless honestly isn't it. If you've played any mmorpg in the last 10 years, you've essentially played bless.

    Sure, the game has pvp, but it's hobbled by the poor performance of the game and I doubt they can fix it.
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  11. Icesin Lord

    Pretty much agree. Even with the changes we have done it all before. It will pass some time while waiting on a couple of betas. Darkside if you need a guild for the game there are a few known ones playing like XoO . I think Arc is leading that chapter. I would suggest giving a few of them a look until LoTD enters the next game your interested in.
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  12. Icesin Lord

    And to add to that. Purple Dragons just let me know they will also be playing. They are also an older guild. Just a heads up on a couple of guilds there..
  13. darksidexin Member

    Thank you all, yes I will look into some other chapters that may fill my need of comrodery I once had.
  14. Icesin Lord

    Bless releases next week. May 30th
  15. Icesin Lord

    Game looks worse than before. A lot of guilds in this game. FoE Sinister UDL LoD cotp PD XoO Conquest some KGB . It had a shitty release, a major nerf in the first few days. It Feels like a beta, but people are kinda sticking with it. Some like it. I like the pvp when you hit 30 in the open zones. Not saying the game is good or bad. Its one of those you have to see for yourself type things. By the time the game is finished something else will be out
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