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  1. Icesin Lord

    Bless Online is coming to Steam 2018.
    Welcome to the Bless Online community hub!

    Now, you may be asking “A Bless Online community hub on Steam?
    Will this mean Bless Online is coming to Steam? Is it being released globally?”
    The answer to both questions are… resounding “Yes!”

    Enjoyed the Korean beta cant wait to see it in English.
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  2. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Oh gosh can my heart take another Korean MMO?

    How have they monetized the game so far? Would you say it is similar to AA or BDO?
  3. Icesin Lord

    I think there are enough games around that time line. That most wont touch the game. However Neowiz will be self publishing the game. Bless has been rebuilt with a lot of changes. So I cant answer your question Phil. I have not played the new build.

    You have CF. Also Ashes and CoE are going into alpha 0 , and of course CU and Pantheon all are much better games.
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  4. Leshil Warlord

    Pantheon seems like a fun throwback game.
  5. Hope New Member

    I might try this out.
  6. bizzaro Guilford's bromance

    I watched some videos on this and I'm not impressed with the combat system.


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