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Discussion in 'Zerg Discussion' started by Jbigg, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    List some of your favorite build orders for zerg here. I thought a collective post would be nice. Maybe even a sub forum but I can't do that.
  2. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    16 speedling build

    drones till 10/10
    overlord 10/10
    *while that overlord is building make an extractor and create a drone then *force a cancel on the extrator and send that drone to scout, or keep *mining
    drone 11/10
    *overlord finishes
    drone 12/18
    spawning pool 11/18
    drone 12-15/18
    Extractor 14/18
    Extractor 13/18
    drone 14-15/18
    *send 6 drones to mine gas once extractors are done, once you get to *100 gas for zergling speed remove 4 of those drones and leave 2 to mine *gas.
    **Spawning pool finishes
    Queen 17/18
    Overlord 17/18
    Drone 18/18
    SpeedLing research 18/18
    *spawn larva on hatchery
    Zerglings 19-22/26
    overlord 22/26
    *larva spawn completes
    Zerglings 26/26

    *** you will now have 16 speedlings, I will normally go for run by harassments or surrounds if the numbers are right.

    From this start I usually go lair then hatchery expansion right after this and continue to muta/lings or roach/hydras depending on what I saw of my opponent.

    This is my usual start, it offeres defense agasint a 6ling rush you will have a queen and 2-4 lings up when they get to your base. You will have speed lings to deal with reaper harassment and have your 16 lings by the time a terran or protoss decide its time to attack. Based on your scouting you may need to throw down some spine crawlers if you see a double gateway form protoss or a banelings nest from zerg. Remember the banelings do alot of damage to structures but they will kiill all of your zerglings so you need them to sacrafice on structures, plus they will defend your drone line from them. with 300 hp the spine crawler will take 5 baneling hits before dieing making your 100 mineral investment take 250 mineral and 125 gas in troops from your opponent. Against the two gateway protoss that went major early tier 1, the spine crawlers will draw in the zealots making it easy to surrond or leave the stalkers unprotected.
  3. Furyos Warlord

    This is our 2person Zerg rush. It's cheese but fun and surprisingly good against any map where the enemy doesn't share a base.

    drone 7/10
    drone 8/10
    spawning pool 7/10
    drone 8/10
    drone 9/10
    extractor 8/10
    drone 9/10
    overlord 9/10
    drone 10/10
    LINGS LINGS LINGS to 18/18 -- get speed upgrade ASAP

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