Call to Arms

Discussion in 'ARK Discussion' started by Renza, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Renza Lord

    A few of us (stormraven, me, Mad, Argonic, Valus, and Sony) are playing on an unofficial server cluster called, we're based on the Center server, but have extended into scorched. You can transfer yourself, items, and dinos across the servers at will.

    The gauntlet has been thrown down by a larger tribe, for anyone familiar with it, its basically the same situation as with budabaga on server 34, we have 6 people but generally no more than 2 online at a time, and now going to be fighting a group of 15+ people who seem to be jobless. we invite anyone in lotd who wants to blow some shit up to come join us.

    If you have questions or want to join, reach out to any of us.

    The server has several mods, most craftable infinite items like parachutes, bolas, grappling hooks, etc. As well as an auction house mod, offline raid protection, and a castle/keep mod that adds new construction types in. As well as 5x xp, gathering, and taming. Plus some general server rules like no griefing or exploits.

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