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    LotD has seen some of our members collect together in a currently under develop game called Rust. While still in Alpha, the game bears similarities to Darkfall Online, Minecraft and Ultima Online. The end game has not been fleshed out, but below are some key highlights for anyone interested in a casual game to pick up.

    1. FFA Experience
    This game kicks off as a "survival" game. It's a persistent world and even if you are logged off, your character is still at risk at all times. KOS and PK are common and of course, this is a full loot game.
    2. Low Hardware Requirements
    Designed to be compatible on Mac, Linux, and older PC machines, this game can be played on most machines from the past 4 years. While not a guarantee, just about any laptop or desktop since 2010 can play this game.​

    3. SANDBOX
    With a minecraft like building system in place, Rust can keep the closet engineer in all of us entertained for hours. The constant battle between building a base that is difficult to raid and figuring out the best way to raid a well built base keeps this game fresh.
    4. Casual and Fun
    There are no official plans for this game and we are enjoying that. The tools for "grouping" haven't really been fleshed out, and may never be. This game is great for the casual member who wants to "tag along" as they can log into a fairly secure base and just do some resourcing, or raiding or building. If you want to play more dilligently, you will enjoy the ability to push out on your own and find the balance between discrete and defensive.​

    To get in touch with those of us who are playing, check out the information below:

    Here are the server details for the upcoming (This Friday 1/31) reset.

    Server address is:
    Lords of the Dead Teampseak

    Here is a list of what features we have and have changed from the vanilla game:

    -Running oxide
    -Vanilla drops mostly (paper reduced from 10 to 1)
    -C4/M4/Kevlar drops, but they are unresearchable/uncraftable incase someone gets a blueprint or whatever or has past learned it.
    -Death messages are working
    -Admins now have ability to open any door (no more blowing holes and replacing walls).
    -There is a staff list command (/staff). Soon we will be adding moderators to kick/ban/teleport for helping players
    -Motds will be posted, join messages etc.
    -The economy plugin has been left in but changed. 0 fame (now called kill score (like UO)) will be given on animal/zombie kills. Starting fame is 100. Death doesnt decrease your points. Killing a player takes 50% of there points
    -You now have a /location command. In the near future, possibly a map to locate you.
    -Nudity and grass is off by server default
    -There is a chat history

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