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    My Mom ask me to get her a hybrid laptop/tablet, which I don't know fuck all about, so I need some help picking one out during the boxing day sales. I can do my own research, but the main problem when picking one is the model number. For some of these models there is a ton of different model numbers, and in the confusion u might buy a model with missing features unknowingly. Like the difference between a laptop with TN panel rather than the better IPS panel.

    1. Price range is $300 to 500 CAD ($430 USD). Canadian retail not refurbished.
    2. Main use is: Internet/Music/E-books/Videos (Netflix)/Skype
    3. Must have good build quality and parts.
    4. Portable with Keyboard
    5. Decent Storage 500GB+
    6. Touch Screen Preferred
    7. Windows OS
    8. Decent Battery Life 5hrs+
    9. Upgradable

    Looking for best bang for my buck.


    Asus Transformer Book
    Lenovo Laptops
    Acer Laptops
    Dell Laptops
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