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    Chronicles of Elyria information :
    *How can I help the town ?
    If you belong to LoTD as a Lord or above and would interested in takeing a role in the town. Pm me on discord.

    There are a few ways. Go here and visit store.
    Using the friend code is very important: 7AF07D or Kinnic
    EP is preferred.
    1. Donate a gift of EP - Ep is very important before release. Not usable after release.
    2. Use the towns friend code when you buy something and register 7AF07D
    3. Donate token - These are no longer needed.
    All of it goes to Ep and The Town. Exposition is the only time things can be changed or added to the town before release.
    EP points:

    List of professions:

    These professions are already in the town: More can be added with EP
    Quarrier Soldier Miner Fisherman Priest
    Diplomat Dungeoneer Engineer Trader Merchant
    There are some items in inventory that will handed out to certain roles. There is also a tavern already in place for a tavern keeper.

    These professions are in the county:
    Soldier Constable Woodworker Tailor
    Woodworker Hunter Investigator
    Astronomer Tanner Builder Carver
    Performer Spy Investigator scout
    Mason Chandler Brightsmith
    Dungeoneer Stationer Blacksmith Jeweler
    Quartermaster Blacksmith Artist Tinker
    Constable Performer Officer Trader
    Sailor Archer Landlord Interpreter Boatman

    I can add one free profession and will be adding animal handler. I have enough ep myself atm to add 1 more. My plans are to run a livery stable and breed all the available mounts in game. As different mounts are require for different terrains.

    Facts and Information you should know about game.

    Can I join the Duchy Discord?

    Yes and highly suggested. Cyneric will answer any questions you have about the game.

    Can I join the Solaris Confederation Discord?
    Yes : you can Pm me in discord for access to this
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    Chronicles of Elyria and Silver Frost

    Is it pay to win?
    You can lose everything you buy and no cash shop at launch.

    Server Info:
    Server: Luna

    Kingdom: Kairos "Solaris Confederation"
    Why kairos? First and foremost : Freedom, Because sometimes, very rarely my mind doesn't work like others.
    Duchy: Cremoria Duke: Cyneric

    County: Evendusk Count: Cath Evendusk

    The Town - Silver Frost ( this is subject to change as time goes on )

    Link to server map:

    *What is The Solaris Confederation

    The Duke's of Creamoria, Seraphim, Galladorn, and Acrium placed together in the Kingdom of Karios. Then declared independence from Kairos. In short, if we can hold the land for so long. We will create our own kingdom. Possibly add more to it. Its the wild wild west!

    The map of The Solaris Confederation and what is left of Kairos:

    *Is Silver Frost apart of the Solaris Confederation?

    It has access to multiple kingdoms and our Duchy is one of the ones who declared independence. It will offer more pvp options. Unlike Vornair that is isolated from all the other Kingdoms. It allows access to more than one Kingdom and ocean access. It also allows access to more resources . Less rules and more freedom. More options as far as types of resources. A like minded Duke.


    *What races can I chose from: To’resk, Janoa, and Dras. Other races to mix with as they make there way to our area. Janoa is the known warrior race. You can cross breed.

    *Will Silver Frost have ocean access when its added?

    There is a small travel window to the seaside town. But yes we have a port city in the county. Yes you can use it at anytime and you will be in touch with Soul who owns it. He has a strong pvp mindset. But don't forget someone has to learn it and study it. Only coastal access at launch, which will be good for trading. Once the ocean is in you can discover new islands, races, and places.
    But good to remember , if you die at sea. Its perma death. Your not Jesus and you can not walk on water.

    *Misc things you should know about the game

    No it is not tab target, its action style combat. yes there will be arenas in game where you can joust, among other things. It is not clear yet whether the different races will have different hit boxes.

    So of big things to know about the game is that characters can and do perma die, which means that when they do all skills reset to 0 but you gain skill ramps up to the level you left off at. So if you perma died at level 50/100 swords on your next life you might get a x2 xp skill ramp in swords. The higher level you are, the less it takes for you to perma die. Levels add variety and not power so deciding to upgrade a skill is an actual choice on how much risk you want to take for that variety.

    Alright so there is incapacitate and coup de grace. Incapacitate will not kill them you are just knocking them out ( great for bounty hunting ), it takes no time off of their lifespan but you get limited loot confined just to pouches and easily accessible items. Coup de grace takes time off their lifespan and you can loot more but not all like armor you still wouldn't be able to loot.
    There are trade paths where you can take everything they are hauling. You can only lose game time every 2.5 rl hours per death so killing/camping won't get you anywhere if that is your goal. The larger fame someone is [fame being how skilled, titles, etc] means that each death will take more off their lifespan. Once someone loses all their gametime, they perma die and their body is full lootable, and then the title transfers based on what that character willed, so it wouldn't transfer to you, but would transfer perhaps to their next of kin or someone else so that isn't a way you'll take over land.

    They monetize lives, so one spark gets you 1 years worth of gametime modified by fame x death. When you perma die as everyone will regardless of how many times they die or not because it's about how long till gametime runs out, everyone will start back at 0 in all skills but will gain skill ramps to increase how fast they can learn certain skills that they had trained in previously

    So souls are your character, your permanent character anyway. They contain all your skill ramps and what you would then log into to confirm sparking into a new person. So when your character perma dies, it then goes back to being a soul until you reincarnate that soul into another person for your next life. So the soul is basically your account just about. There's pictures of this too.

    All land is owned, and being able to take land isn't just about killing people if you want to own land officially. It has mechanical things that you need to do, either getting enough money, getting votes from other nobles, or being famous enough for you to be able to get a cause for war declaration. If you've played Crusader Kings 2, that's basically how this system works. AI will be a thing in this game, and the devs have said the intention is for AI to play fairly competently at various tasks, whether that means aim bots or really great scripting is unknown but combat is such that the TTK is maybe 2-10 seconds depending on armor so even a couple extra opponents no matter how badly they play will add up to a lot.

    There's also a stamina system, if you run out and try to block or attack before it refills, you will physically drop your weapon on the ground as a lootable item, so you can only realistically take on so much before you won't have the stamina to compensate.

    All that being said. You can steal, raid and murder people. Go to trial if caught. You can also hire yourself out to defend traveling merchants, neighbors, etc
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    Use the friend code when you buy something and when you register 7AF07D

    * Land is bought, can it be taken and destroyed

    All in-game items are destructible, and land and titles can be lost through gameplay

    *Do i need to buy land: NO

    Can I buy land? Will i have to pay for land? Everyone needs to be together to move forward. Silver Frost has a large amount of land. It will take quite a few people to defend and keep it.

    There is enough room for everyone. And you cant just place anywhere you would like on the map. without consequences . Some of such are: it can be taken from you, Your shit can be destroyed or stolen. The travel time between towns takes quite a bit of time, and resources. The world is massive. The more you have working toward one goal, such as resources, building the town, skills and defense. The better off you will be.

    Not everyone will want land, some will want to run the tavern or a business in town. Or go off exploring. The Town should have between 29 to 40 parcels to sell or develop. Silver Frost is Very large, due to the donation of a mayors pack added to mine to increase the holdings.


    Perhaps the most straightforward route to obtaining land is through marriage. Unless the marriage contract is specifically altered not to share ownership, any land owned by either spouse becomes the shared property of both. We leave the option open for a prenuptial agreement because you never know, he/she may be a gold digger. Seriously, they may actually be trying to dig up gold on your land.

    While it's possible to inherit land from yourself or from others, when the game first launches you'll likely be children of NPC families. In this case, you won’t inherit the land of your NPC parents unless you reach a certain amount of Favor with them. Otherwise, they'll will the land back to the Count. We did that because we didn't want the first generation of players to automatically get all the NPC land. They should still have to work for it. Yep, we think of these things. To inherit land from your NPC parents you’ll need to complete a certain number of tasks for them, make improvements to the land, etc. If you ask them, they’ll let you know whether you’re in the will or not.

    Buying Land
    We will have a Land Management Table in a public County office that shows all parcels of land around the town that are for sale. A land manager, will go in, insert blank deeds obtained from a scribe, and then drag/drop them onto the parcels of land on the table and fill in the values.

    Then, anyone can come look at the table, see the unclaimed parcels of land with the "deeds" pinned to them, sign their name, put any required money "into the table", and take the deeds. Poof! They've purchased the land.

    The nice thing about this system is it means there’s no need for the land managers to be online to sell the land. The land managers just need to set prices and put stuff up for sale ahead of time.

    Once you've purchased a plot of land, you own it and can legally build on it. And before anyone asks, yes you can re-sell your recently purchased land. You can even build a Land Management Table of your own that shows all the land you own and put it up for sale.

    Adverse Possession
    The last way to obtain land is through Adverse Possession. Adverse Possession is the process of obtaining land that was previously owned but has been abandoned. Abandoned land is land which has not been visited by owners or family members in the last 28 real-life days. Right away, that means it’ll most often be land that’s remote, infrequently visited, or land which has been left unattended due to people going offline for several weeks or months. Once a land has been officially abandoned someone can attempt to take possession adversely. Hence the name.

    We changed the system slightly since last time we talked about this system as a result of the introduction of the Land Management Table. Now, you go to the Land Management Table located at the County Seat and it'll show you the land on it that has become "Abandoned".

    While at the table you can submit your own contract in place of any contract that existed for abandoned land. You’ll need to obtain a new contract from a scribe before-hand, but once doing so you can specify the purchase price, property tax, etc. Basically, whatever you want. The contract is between you and the Count, just like when someone normally buys the land, but because you're claiming the land through adverse possession, it means you set the terms of the contract.

    You put that into the table. And you click "Adverse Possession" in the UI and you’ll get back a copy of the deed/contract that’s set to become official in 28 days, assuming you maintain possession of the land. So you make your way to the land, build a simple house on it, and then keep the house from being destroyed for 28 days. After 28 days, if the structure hasn’t been destroyed, you own the land in full.

    The nice thing about this is it gives the Count "notice" that you're claiming the land. If he sees the contract and doesn't like it, he may come and fight you off the land. If he does like the contract, maybe you were fair and generous, he may actually come help you defend the land from the previous owner. This process of signing a new contract is important because Adverse Possession is supposed to be a legal way to take ownership of land, not an illegal way, so there still needs to be a contract associated.

    All that said, it takes almost a full two months to gain land this way from the moment someone abandons the land. One month for it to become officially abandoned, and one month for someone else to take ownership.

    Uses of Land
    Now that we’ve spent some time talking about how to get land, you may be wondering what you can do with the land. This falls into three basic categories.

    Residential & Commercial Construction – Buildings houses, inns, crafting buildings, taverns, etc. This just means using the land to build stuff on.
    Agriculture – This means farming, beekeeping, breeding, harvesting, or really anything that involves the natural, renewable resources of the land.
    Industry – This means mining or otherwise harvesting the non-renewable resources of the land.

    No matter how you plan to use the land, as you gain more land adjacent to each other and attract friends to come and join you in your efforts, you start to move beyond a simple Gentry and into the realm of the Aristocracy.
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  4. Icesin Lord

    *Can I see where Silver Frost is on the map?
    Directions: Click luna
    click Kairos then to the right lower on the tab: click look inside
    click cremoria again, click look inside
    click Evendusk, again click look inside
    look for the Town of Silver Frost

    I should add here: That this is where numbers come into play. A certain amount of people will make it high sustainability (Blue) . This is where you would need to increase sustain through trade and other routes ( adding more wells and farm land through the ep store before launch ) like developing land that is there that has not been developed and ( killing, stealing, etc) to add more people and to keep it out of the orange that it shows. . Again if there is need we can talk numbers, its pretty high.
    There is a Well (water), Tavern, and Town hall already in place. The plan is to add 2 more wells and a few farms from the ep store to greatly increase the sustainability and work toward bringing it into the blue

    The towns forum sig:
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