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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rad Wail, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Bose New Member

    Yeah i've planned to reac my account for awhile now. I've been watching Thor post on the cox forums but i wasn't gonna say anything :p
  2. Shagbot Member

    My blaster needs an Empath :'( . I've seen DJQ, Trigga, and Flaming Forester in the past few days still ganking noobs. Theres a few half-oraganized groups in the zones , but everyone says all PVP is on test now.
  3. thorizdin Administrator

    Several of the Freaks have asked about you and _Rose_ (the chick on Freedom that used to try and lead Hami raids) still hates you ;)
  4. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Again I don't have a problem with our SG being used over there for former members. At least if you use it, then people know who's pwning them!
  5. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Who was the other person who we completely decimated on Hami Raids? That was priceless.
    ^What Thor was talking about, formed by the community reps (two new ones, cuppa jo and cricket are both gone, is now lighthouse and ex libris), we actually get support from them, things like swag and prizes and crap, mad developer-style hax, also doing some top secret trial run stuff to see if we can get some dev support :eek:
    ^This is brand-new, idk if I'm gonna sign-up myself though, a bit much of a time commitment for me actually.
    ^Meeting to discuss the rules/format of this is tonight. Sorta like the league Psypunk set-up except it will be sanctioned by NC Soft and hopefuly Cryptic after the upcomming events.
  7. Doc Guest


    Must tape next episode of Cops...
  8. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Look for a bar brawl scene and some punk getting raped by the cops.
  9. Bose New Member

    hahahah Viper those tells are golden. Reminds me of the time we beat up some random SG and they said we hacked and one guy quit the game because of us.

    And yeah the Rose situation was great. We held Roses Hami raid hostage until someone else led it and I got accused of being a terrorist. :D
  10. koto Lord

    played some today was alright the wings are pretty cool.

    XpCs ice/em is shit now.

    who is el topo and here4badges, thor and shagbot?
  11. Shagbot Member

    I've been on quite a bit this week. There's a villain pentad friday on test I might check out.
  12. koto Lord

    ok xpcx ice/em has no enhancements that why :p
  13. Hades Lord of the Dead

    From looking at the forums over there, it seems PVP is in even worse shape than when we left.
  14. koto Lord

    hmm well i think the community is worse now then before interms of competive guild pvp, but i havent played enough to say the pvp is even worse now.
  15. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    for zone pvp to be any worse they would have had to give away a bunch of free subscriptions to a deaf and blind school.
  16. Shagbot Member

    I think the only way the arena can ever be fair is to have an arena server where toons are autoleveled to 50, no epics, no IO's, no Hamis, no tier 3 insps. Put everyone on equal enhancement levels, and let a teams build and teamwork decide the winner. This way teams could be built and rebuilt an infinite number of times, people wouldn't have to spend months leveling up toons that can only be played in the arena, or months of farming cash to buy IO's. I gave up a long time ago on CoX PVP when I realized we were spending more time sitting near a mission door getting PL'd then we were actually playing the game.
  17. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    or sitting around for an hour and a half trying to find someone willing to fight/practice with us.
  18. the league thing they are trying to set up seems to be aimed at getting more matches in but with only around 5 teams competing it probably wont last long...if it gets off the ground at all.

    think el topo is that ERASERHEAD guy, cant remember his vent name.
  19. koto Lord

    lol who? el topo is a leader btw so i was thinking it might have been thor or on of the other cox leaderhsip.

    Anyway i played some more today and people actually warn you before they do something they know will annoy you for instance someone said to me stop spamming impale crits i said isit against the rules now? they said no but its annoying i kindly told them i will not stop so they said ok then but please do not get annoyed when i tp you into npcs.....WTF

    who does that and why would anyone cry about being tped into longbow? it just shows that people are becomming more carebearish over there.

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