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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rad Wail, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    you can see in the guild wars who is who thread that el topo is linkuzz
  2. i think the leadership things got messed up, i was somehow made leader on one of my toons but was never part of the leadership.

    you arnt allow to attack people in a pvp zone koto, shame on you! haha
  3. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I thought eraserhead was Texan,,,,
  4. koto Lord

    lol kk but i dont read the gw section so i wouldnt have known that.
  5. Yeah, El Topo is Link.
  6. koto Lord

    ahh kk well it seems they still play and here4badges
  7. badges own it's like woah i just got a fucking badge
  8. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I veiwed badges like....

    Oh, they had a badge for that stupid sht?
  9. I got owned making fun of BIG PUN the Crusher (hibernoob/em tank on triumph) whilecyboring the catgirls of virtue w/ Ry.

  10. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    rofl, thats about par.
  11. Shagbot Member

  12. Nouveau Paris New Member

    lol CoH

    Mind/Psy Doms (w/ flight) ftw. If lotd had more Doms we woulda owned the world. Also, hi.
  13. Omg... PARIS :eek:

    Bastard.. you better play with us in the future! You rock man.
  14. Nouveau Paris New Member

    lol i'ma prolly drop off the face of the Earth again. I'm too poor to afford another MMO right now, plus grinding doesnt appeal to me at the moment. I just checked out the CoH forums and its so sad. Well, at least they FINALLY enabled character transfers to other servers. Wish they had that feature a year ago. Coulda been interesting.
  15. Valor Buffalo Rancher


    Dude, save every penny you find each month and I guaruntee you will have the small 15 bucks it takes to play an MMO, and anymore many games are requiring less grind.
  16. Shagbot Member

    Wassup Paris...

    I've been killing time during the week playing cov again. I dont know why but I'm not minding the pve so much after a long break from the game. PVP is pretty much done for now, very few teams doing arena but I might decide to do some arena competition soon. I've been running RSF with a few groups, it can be done in under an hour now and Doms are actually useful for it these days, they even let stalkers run it with us.
  17. Bose New Member

    paris get on vent i wanna hear your rocking chair
  18. Paris come play Fury dammit.
  19. Bose New Member

    I played CoX during the account reactivation event weekend. The game has somehow managed to become even worse. With the release of IO enhancements the games become more unbalanced and it's even harder to max out the capabilities of a toon.
  20. Ehh.. I hope some other company adapts to that kind of system (the super jumping, super speeding, fast paced combat) Thats what really made it fun in CoH.

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