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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rad Wail, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Bose Member

    yeah the "on-acid in a hornest nest" pvp style was pretty fun
  2. Shagbot Member

    Player skill was a big part of CoX, unlike some other mmos out there. Teamwork, strategy, and preparation come into play with any team game, but you really had to be decent on your toon to be good at high level arena in CoX.

    I've been told it can take up to a few hundred million in inf to IO out a toon,so be prepared to farm infamy for a few months after hitting lvl 50 to be competitive, yea they really killed PvP for good. It's just another "loot" based mmo now. The carebears won, the PvP crowd lost...again. I'm still playing just to kill time during the week, but I'm not even considering doing any competition at this point because to get my 4 lvl 50 toons IO'd out would take a year of farming infamy. F THAT!
  3. Bose Member

    Yeah I was told my Empath would take like 500 mill to IO out. And of course the Influence ebay market skyrocketed. That in itself is beyond me, because to be able to pve is possible without HO's let alone IO's. But I agree completely with the playerskill needed to be good at that game. When you beat someone in that game you felt powerful, more skilled. I know other MMO's require skill and teamwork but sometimes it feels like a math game trying to beat other teams in a balanced pvp game. And math sucks I wanna blow people up :(

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