Combine Guild Dissolves

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Hades, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Keeping a guild alive and running well is a hard job, and not may guilds survive as long as Combine did. Guilds that last as long as LotD while remaining competitive in major games are even more rare.

    A guild is only as good as its guild leader, its game leadership team, and its dedicated members who are willing to step up and help where needed. LotD fought with Combine more than against it, and I will always have fond memories of Deyth and the Combine members.

  2. A sad day indeed. I hope some of their core members look to friends such as our guild for a place to call home.

    Props for Deyth and his core crew for keeping things so good for so long!

    Will miss Combine.
  3. Yearn Lord

    Good luck in RL Deyth... I hear there's a pretty steep grind. I hope to see some of the ex-Combine players under the LotD banner someday soon, I'm sure you'd be welcome additions to any upcoming chapter we have in the works.
  4. El Topo Lord

    I agree it would be excellent to see the core roster move over to LotD. Lots of MMO experience and industry connections could be gleaned from the sad end to a respected guild such as the Combine.
  5. Kotoll Lord

    Remember playing against these guys in quite a few games. Always were great competition.
  6. Welly Inactive Elder

    Wow....While I must admit there would have been a time when I would have said good riddance to Combine, it is a sad day to see such a long standing guild dissolve. We've had some good battles in the past and even fought on the same side a time or two. When I left LotD, I actually hung for a short while on their forums and got to know Deyth a little. He's good peeps. Sorry to see Combine call it quits and hope to see some of the old crew around, if not under our banner, under a new banner still kicking ass!
  7. Quinna Lord

    RL wins more than it loses in the long run :(
  8. Azaazel Banned

    Wow....... is all I can say. Granted I had a feeling some day they would split after reading quite a bit of his reviews and such on games. I never thought it would come to fruition though. Deyth was a great guy and will be missed for sure. When LotD left DAoC the first time I joined Combine on Merlin. I have nothing bad to say about that guild and hope nothing but the best for everyone. It's a sad day when you know that one of the leading guilds over the past decade is splitting due to the lack of quality games. Had there been any decent games out in the past 5+ years they'd still be running strong. They are great people over there and I'll never forget that guy.

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