Crafting and gathering in preparation for first campaign

Discussion in 'Crowfall' started by qberto, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Sources (cough Ren) says the first persistent campaign world may be up soon. This probably means the end of prealpha crafting pots and free recipes.

    1. Rune making Paleone Runemaking 21 exp 8.3
    Points 5.8
    2. Alchemy
    3. Blacksmithing - Q blacksmithing 25.4, exp - 35, points 10.4
    4. Leatherworking -
    5. Woodworking - jbigg
    6. Stone mason - Ren stonemasonry 35.4, exp -30, points 10
    7. Necromancy - Pale Necromancy 21
    8. Jewel crafting

    If you are working on a crafting skill tree please list your craft skill, experimentation and experimentation points so we have a idea of what we have.

    Priority are crafts 1-5.

    If you are working on gathering please list the trees that you are working on.

    1. Wood - jbigg
    2. Ore
    3. Stone - Ren Quarrying 19.6
    4. Hide
    5. Vessel
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  2. Ren Elder

    I'm split about 50/50 between

    Crafting: Stonemasonry (Completed top row with all experimentation, working on middle two rows with assembly and research)
    Exploration: Harvesting - Excavation & Harvesting Stone Familiarity (up the general hammers middle line, they added some motherlode skill nodes so I have to reconnect)
  3. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Hey can you post your scores so we have a better idea of your progress? You can look it up under vessel stats next time you are ingame.

  4. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    My two beta 2 accounts have access now, starting one on exploration/harvesting and one on crafting, let me know what to specialize in based on this thread.
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  5. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    I don't understand how they are going to enable recipes. There are like four or five recipe nodes, and none of the crafting professions has tiered recipes.
  6. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    I have access to a pool of accounts with my friends, but I can't check the specific skills for a few days at least. We have gone mid or further on recipes for Necromancy and Blacksmithing, then swapped to Experimentation Points when realizing that the recipes were all available. We're finishing the first Experiment Point node in Necromancy, Blacksmithing, and Leatherworking. We also have a gatherer focused on mining.
  7. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Yea I didn't go too deep into blacksmith recipes since they are free for now. The time to complete these nodes is only 3 days so I figured if they take away recipes I have time to complete them. We don't have alot of gathers so if they take away the prealpha gathering pots and the labor disclipine, we probably gonna roll with basic equipment in the first few days of a campaign due to lack of materials.
  8. Ren Elder

    Quarrying 19.6 (Currently training the broken links in this tree - actual results may be higher than score indicates)
    Crafting Basics 30
    Stonemasonry 35.4
    Stonemasonry Experimentation 30
    Stonemasonry Experimentation Points 10
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  9. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    Right now it seems like most people are rocking white-blue non-basic suits, which are do-able without gathering pots, it just takes 3x as long as if you had gathering skills. I don't know how that will change with the persistent world, though. It's the higher materials/nodes that we'll have trouble with. I haven't fully dug into the gathering stuff, but I know it's dependent on runed tools, which requires a high ranking runecrafter. The interdependencies between every role is really interesting.

    Probably best to leave me out of the spreadsheet for now as I won't have regular access to a desktop for some time, and I don't know when 'pool' accounts are going to become 'personal' accounts for my friends. It looks like I'll end up with only one account, personally, but I intend to get more.
  10. Piikaa Warlord

    For reference, here is where I am today (6/12/2017) on my two accounts.

    Piikaa's training:
    Combat Principles: 68%
    Crafting Basics: 80% -> blacksmithing 3%
    Exploration 2%
    Myrmidon 53%
    Templar 43%
    Knight 33%
    Champion 16%
    Legionnaire 4%
    Ranger 4%
    Duelist 52% -> Slayer 7%

    Pkaoo's training:

    Combat Principals 64%
    Crafting Basics 76%
    Exploration Basics 90% -> Excavation 13% | Vessels 1% | Harvesting 13%
    Myrmidon 53%
    Templar 43%
    Knight 33%
    Confessor 22%
    Champion 16%
    Legionnaire 4%
    Ranger 41%
    Duelist 56% -> Slayer 7%
  11. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Piikaa, we have enough people going to blacksmithing. Can you go into alchemy with one of your accounts?
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  12. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    leatherworking/hide gathering or woodworking/wood gathering would be perfect.
  13. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I'll have those accounts set up for wood shit then.
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  14. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    I am mostly combat trained

    But i have
    Crafting Basics 30
    Blacksmithing 9.1
    Necromancy 21
    Runemaking 21
    Rune exp 8.3
    Rune points 5.8
    Basic exp points 10
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  15. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership


    You can add my necromancy to the list too.
    It will be a while till its useful because of the archetype split.
  16. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Is anyone working on leather crafting?
  17. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    I have access to one account that is working on each of: leathercrafting, necromancy, blacksmithing, and mining.
  18. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    We probably need one more person working on leather in case emu loses access to that leather account (i.e. they end up on a different faction during the testing period).
  19. Asim Crowfall Tester

    I have completed the basic wood gathering line and have started the advanced wood gathering line. I am currently concentrating on birch because it gives stamina. Is there something else I should be doing?
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  20. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Thanks for the update! Try to show up to Tuesday's pvp event!

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