Crafting and gathering in preparation for first campaign

Discussion in 'Crowfall' started by qberto, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    This is really unfortunate. Gathering skills are more important than crafters, because you can always ask someone you trust to craft. No one is going to give away the rare mats gathered. The list above also does not account for beeswax and soul gems, which are nodes in the exploration tree iirc. Beeswax is a core aspect of ambrosia, and I believe necromancers require a great deal of it. Soul gems are used in gear, but not sure what it does yet.

    Does anyone know if the first CW will have import/export limitations?
  2. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    The stats on gear from material usage is inconsequential at this point, I wouldn't worry too much about what type of wood. The important thing is to gather as much blue/green as you can.

    No one is doing woodworking? We're going to need that for a number of weapons, I think.
  3. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    This is a political siege warfare game. People give away rare mats all the time to secure allies or mercenaries.

    I had started my spare account on woodworking emu. he is on the second assembly node right now.
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  4. Ren Elder

    The first CW in testing will most likely be accompanied by a inventory and spirit bank wipes.
    The first CW at soft launch will definitely be accompanied by inventory and spirit bank wipes, as well as a character training tree wipe.

    So while the rule sets of those bootstrapping CWs may allow import, there will be nothing to import from.
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  5. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    Got it, thanks!
  6. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    It's a bit condescending to suggest that I don't know what kind of game this is, especially considering that you see my posts here and you know how invested I am.

    I'm not going to step into the political arena, because I've already been asked to leave it be, but let me clarify -- 'giving away' something for something in return is not 'giving', it's trading.

    At the start of a CW, and perhaps even long into one, the price of rare mats will be incredibly high as the reward for having them when other people don't pays dividends. For any guild that is competent, you will have to pay not just the increased price due to high demand and low supply, but this dividend penalty as well.

    My opinion is that it's highly unlikely that we will be able to be a powerful guild with no gatherers. But who knows, we'll find out soon. Have you reached out to any guilds to negotiate these kinds of contracts? CW is not far away, and in the long term, we need a plan. If this is it, we should test it during the first CW.

    Thanks for starting on Woodworking!
  7. qberto Crowfall Leadership


    We will have gathers and people gathering when the game launches. As you know, there will be a wipe so everyone will start on the same footing. We just don't have many active accounts right NOW which are specialized for gathering since people aren't buying extra accounts for gathering. I'm just making sure we have the crafting covered only to ensure we can make stuff in case free recipes gets taken away during the testing campaigns. Not being able to access high level ore isn't as essential as making sure people can make tools, advanced weapons etc. You know as well as anyone that the difference between basic weapon to advance is much bigger than white to purple.

    P.S. Don't take things so personally on the forums. Come play with us. We aren't bad people. :)
  8. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    K, no comment.
  9. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    Cool story bro.
  10. Asim Crowfall Tester

    Asim is doing Logging and skinning.

    Logging 20%
    Skinning 3%

    I just started training a second toon. He will be doing leather working.
  11. Kiwiness Crowfall Tester

    Currently im working in exploration basics, have the middle row all done, working on the top section at the moment cureetly 49% done with the tree
  12. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    i really hate the gathering trees.. lots of bullshit to do before anything that makes a difference.

    I'm still training Runemaking on and off between combat skills
  13. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    Do you have soul gems and beeswax nodes done?
  14. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    We currently need:

    2x Miners
    Exploration Basics - Soul Gems

    We currently want:

    Exploration Bascis - Beeswax

    Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 3.53.43 AM.png
  15. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    Remind me, is there a benefit to having a rune crafter with the basic crafting/tools nodes as well, or can you split it across two accounts?
  16. Asim Crowfall Tester

    Asim is doing skinning as well as logging.

    My new account, Zir, has just started training leatherworking. (edit) After looking at the skill trees more closely it appears that I have a lot of basic stuff to complete before the need to specialize so I will be fluid and take what is needed at the appropriate time.
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  17. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    Basic crafting skills add to the regular skills if that is what you mean.
  18. Kiwiness Crowfall Tester

    I already have the increased chance at beeswax and soul gems

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  19. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    I can start mining at the expense of everything else..
  20. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    Can you please share the skill, experimentation, and points attributes for each? Thanks!

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