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Discussion in 'Crowfall' started by Ren, Jan 22, 2015.

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    Damn, do I choose Gunecian and Elken or Gunecian and Human... hmmm
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    Not sure if you heard John O'neal on Tuesday, he let slip that they're scheduled for 5.3 about a month from then, if everything goes on schedule.
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    Some really fantastic improvements to the game recently. Can't wait for 5.3!!
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    Devs reading 5.3 unposted patch notes [seems like they eventually delete twitch vods, check youtube if deleted.]

    Changes to champion to make them more DPSy and Scary on the battlefield... :)

    I was cheating though with the cooldown skill I guess in master of axes discipline, apparently, it was forcing you to the cap for short power cooldowns. Not sure what it does now but might not be worth it to even use that skill anymore. It already stressed your Rage management using that skill anyway. I went back and looked at the skills effects on my stats, this means cooldown reduction is capped at 25%

    They also are fixing a double dipping bug in the skill trees that I reported 11 months ago, and more interesting is they are using the exact model I proposed as the solution.

    Another big thing they briefly mentioned was double animation calls being fixed, this could actually be a big reason you see yourself port/desync on the screen, I know with the champion bleed ability, it still has animation lock components and the warping problem with that skill is large. In my 10 minute testing today I saw it cast the animation twice. Also a skill like champion leap which is known for sometimes porting the player insane distances might be caused by a double animation call.

    There are also a bunch of mistimings on the skills that still have animation lock, keeping you locked up for longer than the actual animation is. Mark mentioned he did a pass on that on the discipline side at least, not sure it will fix champion rend and minotaur charge.
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    any summary yet?
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    Looks like we will be eating worms!
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    holy champion damage buff :)
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    I was curious are the test sessions actually up most of the time yet so it's playable or just testing weekends?
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    I'll do my best to explain the current testing strategy, be aware that it does change from time to time.

    They have two environments, testing and live; live always has the most stable versionof their game running. Both are meant to be up 24 hours a day however the testing environment will often go into snap test or scheduled testing if a major content patch is being released.

    Crowfall does not follow a standard roll out for alpha / beta access. It is not based on set dates like most other games, it is instead based on their testing needs. Basically they release the newest updates to Alpha 1 and then slowly open up to the other tiers over time. This has a few benefits:

    1. It preserves the meaning of higher alpha / beta access. The more you spent on a CF package the earlier you get access to new things during testing.
    2. Being a beta player retention is a problem. As people lose interest they open up access to additional tiers replenishing the population.
    3. All CF packages get to experience the game throughout the development phase and provide feedback. This feedback has had a significant impact on the game.


    They are currently in the process of rolling out access to patch 5.3 to the test servers. Only Alpha 1 has access right now.

    This update is fairly large in scope and brings the game closer to, what the studio believes, is a soft launch ready state. Major systems like race / class, skill trees / training, and graphics have been changed, this would be a good time to provide feedback if you get a chance to play.
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