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    Well written article, thanks for link.

    edit for addl info:

    After trying out Crowfall and being a bit disappointed, I have been thinking of purchasing a builders pack to try CU.

    It's not that I see anything that stands out as being so much better than CF, its more that if I am lukewarm on the other why not give this game a try too as LotD is currently looking at both?

    As beta for CU has been pushed out so much over the past year with no confirmed date in sight, would you suggest I get a pack now that accesses alpha? If so, to gain access to testing now, the Warrior 2.0 Forever pack would be the way to go?


    I went ahead and purchased a package with alpha access to help fund this game. I really like the idea of games like Crowfall and CU that are true pvp games that avoid the p2w route, even if the road to launch is much slower and alpha/beta is much rougher. ;)
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    Alpha is pretty sparse in terms of content. The lifetime subscription package is pretty good.

    There are rumors that Beta 1 will arrive in the spring but nothing confirmed yet.
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