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Discussion in 'Camelot Unchained' started by Hades, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead


    I'll leave this post there so that current, retired, etc LotD members can express their official interest in being a contributing member of any potential CU leadership team we develop. Our ultimate decision on making this an official chapter will hinge on the quality and quantity of qualified leaders (current or previous) that we can pull from the guild ranks.

    Express your interest, and tell me which chapters and what positions you've held in the past.
  2. I know I am. I was the head of Personnel in GW2 for awhile (like close to half a year I think?) Aswell as in ESO durring it's short time period. I really, really want to do something else besides personnel (please don't make me do it again) if at all possible.
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  3. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Oh boy. You and me buddy, this is going to be FABULOUS
  4. God I hope you don't get GM... My fate will be sealed
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  5. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Oh Radio, you think your fate is related to my position :D so cute
  6. If you have any say in it yes. That's why I want you to go away. Shoo!
  7. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    You think having Evo as a GM would be bad?

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  8. Pshh, you're a cuddly teddy bear. The worst you would do is give me hugs, and I'm ok with that.
  9. Valor Buffalo Rancher


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  10. Guilford Warlord

    Assuming archeage is done with by the time CU comes I would like to put my name in the hat for the pvp department.

    Pvp assistant-current
    Commerce assistant -former
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  11. Dochan Sanjos' Bitch

    I have not yet decided which game to go to after AA. Granted we have the interest in CU I could toss my name in the hat to help out.

    Dochan - AA - Dat Commerce Guy

    I like my crafting and all things related. So, I could probably help out here also.
  12. Lake Warlord

    Or play CF. Indepth crafting and variety pvp
  13. Glisseal Lord

    *coughs* stay out of the CU thread Lake*coughs*
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  14. Lake Warlord

    I have to. I'm not camping TS telling people how awesome games are going to be. The forums is where I do that. DW no one is going to ruin your tab targeting time. Hell I might even join in on CU. I'm just informing quality players about future games. Which is why you weren't tagged in any of my posts :p ( this is a joke)
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  15. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Its legit until the official chapter is announced :D
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  16. Lake Warlord

  17. Glisseal Lord

    I guess we could let u continue clearing all the slime out of the CU chapter........aka Dogmatic. You may proceed! Carry on!
  18. Lake Warlord

    @Dochan seems like your unwanted.. I guess you can follow us into CF. Just keep passing your "slimmers " to us :D
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  19. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    CU will likely be out first anyways, don't think it's really an issue.
  20. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Not sure about that one, need to get to work on that engine and perfect that shit before they develop the gameplay components

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