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Discussion in 'Camelot Unchained' started by Hades, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. First part of your statement Looking forward to meeting you, and second part to that statement "Wouldn't you Ultimately Kill yourself if that was the case?"

    Am going to leave it at that, before my level of wordplay reaches all new heights!

    Great chat btw made me Chuckle! Am going back to teaching my younger Cousin how to Online game.
  2. One would think right? But no, I'm still having to listen to the same damn shit all day long, and nothing. It's like whoever controls this demonic power won't let it's host die. Honestly, if you don't really think about it, it makes sense. Then you'll be where I'm at on the matter. Maybe I'm just immune to all my mind dwindling bullshit, but it's much simpler to say it only effects those around me. The reason why? Whose to say, but if you're curious enough I'm sure you'll get a chance in the future to study it first hand. Though again, you'll probably be dead before you can come up with anything substantial. Ethier way, I will respect you decision on the matter. ;)
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  3. So much typing :)
  4. It's only cause I'm "that" awesome
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  5. Glisseal Lord

    Why don't you guys just get it over with and fuck.........and remember if you need a 3rd, Lake likes it on the bottom!
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  6. Lake might get Crushed .
  7. Hey! I'm offended! I only whore myself out for money, not love. Good day sir!
  8. Guilford Warlord

    ......We need a new thread this one is ruined
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  9. Well I think I proved my point. Carry on gentlemen.
  10. Glisseal Lord

    CU is giving refunds.
  11. Guilford Warlord

    They have a always had the option for refunds doom and gloom folks didn't realize that this game is pre alpha and now they are like ZOMGYCANTIPLAYDISGAMECONARTISTRIPOFFASSCLOWNS
    The truth is any gamer worth their salt knows you need to be patient to get a good game I'm tired of these half assed releases myself
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  12. Well beta rolls around Gui, people will just re-hype themselfs into playing. And I agree with not dealing with half ass games.
  13. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    The podcast tonight at 8:30pm EST is doing a compare/contrast between CF and CU. Tune in if you're interested:
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  14. Icesin Lord

    I agree very frustrating and off putting dealing with so many of them .

  15. Really enjoy watching the compare and contrast video great job
  16. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    Just over 2 weeks until my wedding then its full steam ahead! I cannot wait to get back to my active gaming lifestyle. Wedding/Honemoon/New Job holy smokes has it been a busy time. I miss you all - still repping the Sweatshirt on all of my dog walks which is always fun!
  17. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    Here is the deal. I hear there has been a small exodus from this game which quite honestly makes me sad as I think this will be groundbreaking and super fun (DAOC fun).

    That said I am aware that we currently lack the high level leadership support for this game, and as I havent been around long enough I dont qualify in any way to take that role on.....

    HOWEVER; if it is time and energy that is keeping some of you leaders away let me be the first to say that if you endorse this chapter I will work tirelessly to make it work. That means forum support, logistics, spreadsheets, tooltips the works. Basically you endorse it and I will be the engine that makes it go. Now that im a married man and dont have wedding planning going on I am full steam ahead.

    Please dont let this chapter die before it ever starts - there is fun to be had.

    Perhaps lets give it an alpha/beta test run before deciding to can the idea of a full chapter.

    If this sounds like begging....well it is and I am not to proud to say it.

    Thanks for listening.
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  18. Rhia Lord

    Let me join in the begging, too!

    CF can lick my clit, and I still won't give it more than a passing glance (unless there is a foursome with @MarleyTheMoose @Ichimaru and @Guilford ... and even then... only a maybe).

    CU, plox!
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  19. Guilford Warlord

    I know my word dosent mean much, but i have dedicated myself to this game when it releases and even if it is an unofficial chapter i plan to do my part to make LotD shine in CU.
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  20. Guilford Warlord

    Everyone with me now @Haiden for CU gm!
    @Pookee dosent seem like he wants to do it :(

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