CU Leadership Interest Thread

Discussion in 'Camelot Unchained' started by Hades, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Welp leshil here now I could of swore you were tied up to a post somewhere bro.

    But seriously though everything

    About The Game Is Very interesting.
  2. Haiden Lord

    If you guys knew half the shit I knew about CU , sigh stupid NDA
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  3. Pookee Lord

    Cock tease. You're out to give these guys blue balls aren't ya?
  4. Ichimaru Lord

    Maybe just a tad at first. Then I realized how much "help" I could get for $5000 and now I'm good once again. :p
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  5. Can I live in your backyard next game we played together that worked out very well for me in AA once I hit end game.
  6. Haiden Lord

    It's a lot of money sure about 1/3 of that years tax return. I felt it was worth it with how much I've wanted a game like this for how long I've waited. Worth it to me. Others not so much.
  7. Haiden Lord

    I'll be on my own island so not sure how that will work out

    There will be room for others to build there though if I let them
  8. Knowing me will find a way
  9. Ichimaru Lord

    lol I'm just messing with you man, please don't feel like you need to justify the decision. $$ is all relative. If you have that much in the form of disposable income then by all means, go for it. As I eluded to in an earlier post, I've known multiple people over the years who have had a fanatical obsession/devotion to DAOC and they are largely what has intrigued me to want to play the game. I just hope that you don't end up disappointed with the result after investing so much in it (DAOC has left very large shoes to fill).
  10. Pookee Lord

    Ichi was able to avoid/evade posting earlier that he's known multiple people over the years how have had a fanatical obsession/devotion to DAOC...

  11. And here I thought Ichi, just keeps a 20 sided die in his pocket at all times.
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  12. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    I'm interested in contributing to CU leadership when it is released. I helped out with personnel in AA, and have a Sapphire package for CU. Happy to help in any way I can.

    I'm also pledged for Crowfall, but it I hope to play both actively.
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  13. Pookee Lord

    @emutheblue casts "Raise dead thread"

    Spell was succesful.
  14. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Thread necromancy cards are always pimp.
  15. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    Sweeeet. I knew my necrophilia would come in handy for something.

    But really, sorry about that. Didn't check to see how old the thread was, and I've been away for a while.

    Happy to help in any way I can, and definitely looking forward to playing games with you all again!
  16. Glisseal Lord

    Right now All CU is putting out is a bunch of mumble jumbo and MJ putting out some Q&A , art work and Office patty cake games on Twitch to make up for his Limp dick progress. I'm almost positive it will be a year yet till launch.
  17. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    They spent all their time building the engine, they don't have a game yet. I heard some here that the animation system might not be on beta once, which sounds ridiculous. Doesn't seem to be any investment in combat (unless you call what they have now a "combat engine").

    Hopefully it all pays off in the end.
  18. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    The stream today gave a lot of renewed faith in the game - I am already pledged to I am forever so hopefully some real advancements happening this summer.

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