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Discussion in 'Camelot Unchained' started by Lake, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. I will hype this game and we will get people. I can bring people out of the woodwork, its what I do.
  2. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    I hope so - I could not be more pumped!
  3. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    hopefully we see something that resembles combat soon, right now it's potato.
  4. tbh anything is better than that shit that CF calls combat.
  5. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    Here is what combat I have seen. Why do you call cf combat shit? Do you prefer tab targeting? Have you played it and felt the aiming?
  6. Pookee Lord

  7. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    If you're talking about CU, it doesn't have any meaningful combat system at the moment. CF has more pieces in place when it comes to combat, but they're making questionable choices (like with the camera and some choices on movement). I'm also not a fan of the full body lock animations that CF uses.
    I won't discuss CU at the moment, cause nda and all that shit.
  8. Haiden Lord

    The difference that I've seen and read about between cf and cu is that cu spent a significant amount of time and resources early on and still today I. Maximizing thier client for massive battles. Cf not so much. I dare say this will be the nickname given to cf eventually. Crowfail.
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  9. Pookee Lord

    Get back to firefighting training or w/e it is! Shoo! Shoo!
  10. Haiden Lord

    I check forums while eating sir
  11. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    This is a real possibility. Haven't seen many successful unity based MMOs. I'd be interested to see how they handle larger scale combat.
  12. Remec Lord

    That is my major concern about Crowfall. Starting small and trying to scale up has been the downfall of many, if not all, of the games I've played with LotD. WHO, GW2, Aion, etc... all became a glitchy fucking mess once you got past 30 players in one area.
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  13. Furyos Warlord

    This is not a Crowfall Forum. Arguing CF vs CU makes me FU. These are different games with different timelines for release. Most likely LotD will be playing both with strong chapters. Play the game you want but arguing this vs that has no place on these forums.
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  14. Haiden Lord

    So they (some of the crowfall crowd) can come here (based purely on assumption and opnion) and make shitty comments about cu but I make a legit point based on facts on the differences in the clients and it's not ok? Noted. I'll refrain from posting here in the future.

    Edit: this is a forum for discussion. Does not matter in what relation the conversation is used in. If it's fact based and off of best known information I don't see what the issue is. I am most likely the most informed member in lotd when it comes to cu and I am also invested in crowfall to the tune of 500 so I have quite a bit invested in both games. I do not wish to see either fail but facts are facts and I've done a lot of homework on both games. If that upsets you fury then I'm sorry. Like I said I'll refrain from posting anything in the future that may be questionable.

    However when you run into me at 2 in the morning on gamevox and go on a drunk rant that Camelot unchained will never be released because of some alpha level test you played once was not enjoyable and it wasn't fun. Well I don't quite enjoy that either.

    Edit #2. Something people need to realize about the cu testing is its not ment to be fun nor enjoyable. It is about optimizing the client and bug squashing. The shit part is now. Testing the client with as many connections and bots running that they can manage to get as close as they can to large scale battles. The content and polish are a ways off yet. It's not easy building a client that can handle 100s of people in the same area fighting each other. If it was don't you think one would be avaliable. Tell me the last game you played where big battles were not a slide show. That's what cu is trying to do and that is why the tests are more or less boring. I would know I've been testing this game for bugs and stress testing for over a year on a consistent basis almost weekly. One thing I'll say is this client has come a long fricking way.
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  15. Glisseal Lord

    Good post true on so many lvls!
  16. Very well said and exactly what I was thinking Haiden. These forums are for exactly what we have been using them for. If it happens to be this vs that then so be it. It's a good discussion on things and we have been getting a lot of good info from these discussions.
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  17. Iseng Warlord

    Is the combat in CU suppose to be action or are they planning on tab target style? I haven't seen much comment on it.
  18. Haiden Lord

    It will be tab target with aoe / gtaoe targeting circles. Much like daoc was. I'm not overly fond of the action guild wars / tera type targeting. If I want that I'll play a first person shooter.
  19. Iseng Warlord

    I'm liking that more games are trying the action combat but a lot of the systems have fallen flat. Tab targeting if done correctly can still be a ton of fun even though I'm hoping the action combat will be done fantastically one day. The problem from going back and forth is that tab targeting can feel kinda slow. Is it a pretty fast paced tab-targeting system or par for the course?
  20. Haiden Lord

    No idea yet. The combat systems , graphics , terrain are all placeholders. Nothing even remotely close to what end game will be like. The client from what I can tell is just about where they want it to start implementing features. They are starting to work on terain and environmentals.

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