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Discussion in 'Camelot Unchained' started by Lake, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Ren Elder

    That's not OK either. Point me in the direction where that behavior is happening and it will stop.

    In all likelihood this guild will have a footprint in both games. And we will expect both groups of supporters to respect the viewpoints of their guildmates.
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  2. Ichimaru Lord

    That's pretty much my thoughts on it as well. Personally, I prefer tab targeting but it really depends on how good of a tab target system is in place (WoW's was good, but I hated it with a passion in FFXIV for example). Another thing I'm really hoping for is a decent mechanism for assisting off of someone in party/raid to get their target. I guess this was something I always took for granted in previous games but after how tedious it was to try and assist off of people in Archeage I feel its worth mentioning/focusing on.
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  3. Haiden Lord

    /macro /assist Haiden. Made a macro button you could put on your hotbar in daoc. There were a few other versions to assist on diff targets or whatnot but ya. The macros in daoc were Simple. Easy. And it worked. I'd expect the same simplicity in cu.
  4. Ichimaru Lord

    glad to hear it
  5. Leshil Warlord

    I hope one of them have good longevity. Both may have something different for every kinda pvp gamer, which would be cool.
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  6. Haiden Lord

    I think they both will appeal to thier prospective audiences. I think one game will offer more quick action while the other has a long term investment system. Just depends o. What you want.
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  7. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    I am starting to see this too. Can't wait to see what classes are released today. Keeping an open mind on both games and want to see what game I will like best.
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  8. Guilford Warlord

    So are with done with the dick measuring between two games that haven’t been released? I didn’t check this forum for a week because I was sick of it especially in a public forum where developers can show up and see, Not saying it happens but if it does they don’t need to see us arguing like petulant children instead of the professionals we are.
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  9. hybrd Lord

    Speak for yourself!
  10. Haiden Lord

    Professionals use spell check. Just sayin.

  11. Guilford Warlord

    Better :p i have to copy everything i want to type at work it does not support this websites plugins beside smileys :(
    You have known me awhile you know i cant type for anything thats why i had other proof read anything important for me ;)
  12. Haiden Lord

    lol I'm just giving you shit
  13. Ichimaru Lord

    No, probably not. While I completely agree that its distasteful and unproductive, its not likely to change. This is a competitive gaming guild, playing games that deliberately produce environments aimed at competitive play. Dick measuring is a core component of competition even in its most primitive form (survival of the fittest - two cavemen want the same woman, they battle over her, the winner earns the rights to her ensuring that the next generation of mindless killers is spawned from the biggest wang in the room).

    K/D/A's, arena/ladder rankings, damage meters, etc. All tools for measuring the penis, and as long as they are provided they will be used by the masses (even though they are frequently a poor representation of real contribution). I would absolutely love a game without a scoring system, where the only way to tell who was running the show was to roll up to each castle in a zone and see who's banners were flying atop them, I just think those days are gone.
  14. Pookee Lord

    Says the guy who plays support classes :p
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  15. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    Both of these games have similar release targets (Q3-Q4 2016, but I have a feeling that will dip in to 2017). I agree tho, arguing about which is superior is dumb.

    Who's making shitty comments? The only question I see asked is what will combat look like? Maybe I haven't payed enough attention to their forums (I aint got time for that pussy shit anyways), but I haven't really heard much about the actual mechanics of combat besides being able to hit different body parts, and making your own abilities.

    I assume it will be tab-targeted.
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  16. STFU Del My Dick is not bigger than yours !
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  17. Haiden Lord

    Not you del and not in this thread. It was more predominant when cf was first announced. The first few months after.
  18. Leshil Warlord

    Wow, it's shifting to true dick sizes now. I hear Canadians have shriveled dicks because of the cold.

    In all seriousness, I just hope one of them brings some great pvp to us.
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  19. Haiden Lord

    I think they both will and I think they will be catered to the target audiences that are supporting them. I know cu is taking huge amounts of input from the community that backed the project and from everything I've seen so is cf. I really think it will be more of a choice on what kind of game you want to play. When you take away the big companies pushing the game out for instant revenue out of the equation then you get a better quality product and one that is closer to the original vision then what has been constantly put out in the last ten years. If these two games succeed then we are in for some great games in the future because smaller studios will be willing to risk going the crowdfunded route.
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  20. Pookee Lord

    Go back to changing diapers, bisch

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