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Discussion in 'Camelot Unchained' started by Leshil, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Leshil Warlord

  2. Leshil Warlord

  3. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Great find Leshil!
  4. Leshil Warlord

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  5. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    That is actually really cool.
  6. Leshil Warlord

  7. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    I just bought into the game, excited to support two really cool PvP games.
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  8. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    Haha, I have soo many pledges to games coming out, at least 1 has to work out ;)

    i have I am Forever for this, and spent far too much on Star Citizen and I think I have some pledges for Pantheon Rising too.

    Come on launch dates .....

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