D3: Season 5 starts January 15th

Discussion in 'Diablo III' started by Sanjo, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    3-manned a GR57 =)

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  2. Soulshox Lord

    Dont worry lads, i'm on tonight and one away from my DMO set. Then i can solo t10 finally and grind those paragon points
  3. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    looks like argonic power-humpped @Krevix - who I didn't even know was playing.

    Then again, that whole click usually stays in their own channel.

    I'll be logging in here shortly to pass you up Q!
  4. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Pushing 60s now on Greater Rifts

  5. Guilford Warlord

    We like to cyber and whisper sweet nothings into @Argonic ear so he carries us
  6. Argonic Lord

    Needed to rest my back from all the carrying that weekend.
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  7. Soulshox Lord

    Fark the gear i need is not dropping! I want to go solo Gr 80+ on my wizard. THis is horseshit
  8. qberto Crowfall Leadership


    I know high school was like 20 years ago but its CLIQUE. =)

    As regard to cliques, my game is always set to quickjoin. If you need help with something or you just want someone to game with, feel free to quickjoin my game. Usually I'm in the Diablo 3 gamevox lobby unless I'm trying to explain something to someone while other people are playing.

    If you're not on gamevox, please don't be offended if I don't reply to you right away. Usually I can't respond in greater rifts 60+ because if I'm not actively mitigating, even white mobs can one shot me.
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  9. Morals Lord

    I will translate for Qberto

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  10. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    I only say that to my friends :)
  11. Argonic Lord

    Translation -Qberto hates you Sanjo
  12. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    nu uh!

    I've been playing with Q for like a month straight - he[s probably getting sick of me =p

    my ;clique' comment wasnt directed at qberto though =p
  13. Soulshox Lord

    I havn't seen any cliques myself. Played with everyone so far. Mostly with Argonic though cos he's around more and OP as hell. I just stand back and throw twisters out without getting hit.
  14. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    lol - you guys...

    it's a 4 player group game - there's going to be lots of different groups running.

    Also again, my comment was unrelated to anyone on this thread who's playing with us =p

    and again -it doesnt matter either way and is not a big deal - I was just ribbing krevix and the other ark group. (a few of whom are playing but never read the forums apparently)

    That @Iseng guy though - he's a problem child!
  15. Iseng Warlord

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  16. Guilford Warlord

    Pshh people letting @Sanjo ribbing make you think if you do that it will make you die in t10 pondering life's mysteries.
    That said we all have people we prefer to play with I blame blizzard YES I DO HAVE MORE THAN 4 FRIENDS BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!!!
    And I also blame @Valus im not sure why yet but it's my go to and it hasn't let me down yet :D
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  17. Soulshox Lord

    So anyone doing 70+ Group 4 man rifts that could use a wizard finally got all my peices bar one defensive wrist (8-12% damage reduction)?

    Should be able to do 70+ solo once i get a few more bits for my solo build.
  18. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Let me know when you can solo a 70 grift ;)

    I'd like to see your build too, if you wanna link it.
  19. Soulshox Lord

    So the solo build for wizard which the likes of quinn69 and also chinese/russians are using is
    Its a melee wizard build with massive survivability. Its quite button mashing intensive though. Tried it out but not got the right gear still yet.

    My group build is

    Only missing the bracers now. Doing fine on tier 67 which is the highest i have done but it was pug and they seem to be unwilling to go to 70+.

    Gonna start working on a witch doctor this weekend
  20. Soulshox Lord

    So they mini patched seems we found the culprit for the 1 hp mobs


    • Black Hole
      • Fixed an issue where enemies affected by both Black Hole - Event Horizon and Taunt would remain at 1 hit point and be unable to be killed (1/20)

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