D3: Season 5 starts January 15th

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    I'm 5/6 for Destroyer - for the season journey.

    Last thing I have to do is 1 of the Conquests challenges.

    This will probably be fastest to complete by doing the 'The Thrill' which is doing act 1-5 in under 1 hour.

    Sounds pretty easy - just need to get a few DH impale vaulters together for running and have 1 person in town for turning quests in - while the 4 runners are looking/completing quests. Any class that can perma teleport/vault/speed run - will be fine as a runner but DH and Wiz are the best.

    Any takers?
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    We have a good few new people starting this week.

    We also have a shortage of monks, witch doctors and barbarians - to ensure we have proper group composition - and everyone has a group in the evenings.

    It's become clear to push past L65 4-player greater rifts - that you have to certain classes in the group.

    The 2x and 3x group make ups can vary wildly - but the 4 player, end game groups are: monk, bard, witch doctor and wizard.

    Right now the most powerful 'solo' classes are Demon hunter, crusader and barbarian. (wizard is also powerful once you have the right gear set)

    My suggestion to new folks would be to start off on whatever you want - but be prepared to make an alt as soon as you can, so you can start gearing them out with any set items you find, rings, belts, weapons, etc...

    Something to remember - if you are going to roll 2 classes to play - try to pick classes that use the same stats (Wizard, witch doctor) (Crusader, Barbarian) (Monk, Demon hunter) they use the same primary start - that means the drops you get - will have the same stats you're looking for on them. hopefully that makes sense - if it doesnt, you can find me in vox - or PM me for clarification. This will just help to streamline your gearing and play time.

    Now that we're a few weeks into the new season - there's a definite gap between casual and hardcore players.

    We don't want people to feel discouraged or that you won't be included when you fall behind.

    I personally (as well as many others playing) take the time to level new players, carry through normal and greater rifts, teach about the game and just joke around to have a little fun.

    Not every night, every person will get the luxury of being included in a high rift group - it's important to remember that we're all playing to have fun and should take the time when we can to play with new people - since it doesnt take but a few days for that new player to get geared out and be running L65 rifts. Try not to get discouraged when this happens - and if it happens more than a few times a week - get with me or qberto or someone else who plays a lot - we'll make every effort we can to spread the love.

    Most people play from 5-6pm EST - through 12-1am EST - but we have people that play at all hours of the day and night still.

    There's plenty of stuff to keep us busy and goal oriented as a group - and this should hopefully help anyone who's feeling left out or wondering what to do next.

    With this season being so great (tons of awesome changes and new stuff) - I can foresee a bunch of new people joining us to play D3 in the coming month or 2, as long as we make sure not to lose focus of what the goal really is.

    To have some fun, playing with friends. :)
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    You know what sanjo this is bullshit! You never say you love me anymore or give me kisses. Fuck you bitchessss I'm out!
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    Iseng is a high maintenance lover. Sanjo, you better call him every day or he's gonna pout.

    Anyways, I can solo 4 man T10s and GRS up to level 50+ so feel free to quick jon my games if you need gear. Spots are unfortunately limited. :)
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    Wednesday night recap

    We got to GR 77 as a guild 4 man group. Initially since we did not have a witch doctor, so we ran double wizard, globe barb and monk. Dps was great throughout the instance but the rift boss was still problematic due to the lack of globes. I suggested we swap out one wizard for an impale dh. The single target damage from the dh allowed us to easily clear 70s up to 77 before we broke up for the night.

    I think that a dmo wizard, globe barb, monk/wd + single target boss specialist (dh, Crusader etc) is viable to late 70s. Late 70s is pretty tough for the wizard because loss of toughness from having both the monk and wd. Our wizard was dying alot and pretty much getting one shotted by the rift guardians.

    The core of all 4 man teams is the dmo wizard and barb. This means we need more active barbs since we have a few dmo wizards. Eventually we will need an equal number of monks and witch doctors but right now we desperately need more barbs.
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    grats on 77. I've been mainly concentrating on making a ice LON build myself and trying to get full ancient for my solo arcane orb build. Dont group as much as usual and if i do its usually a duo.
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    Just a few points to add. If you like the best of both worlds solo and gorup Wizard is excelent with very little gear alterations.

    Gear in diablo 3 is nothing like MMORPGS. One piece can litterally change you from doing 100 to 1000 damage due to the passives. They also work in unison with other prices.

    Good example of this for wizard. Parthian defenders bracers reduces the damage taken by 9- 12% (i think this is number) for every enemy stunned around you in X yards. Not brilliant by itself unless you can actively keep freezing them. This is where Halo or Arlyse ring comes in, ( when you take X percent of damage you freeze everyone around you with frost nova). Meaning this going off continously keeps damage low and you get free damage and free up a spot on your abilities if you do not want to modify the frost nova.
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    I love it Q - we should get all our peeps who are specializing in their main classes to write up a small review and starter guide.

    Once @Hades gets the D3 subforum up here - we can populate a 'CLASSES' Section with the builds and guides for the different seasons.

    I'll start working on a Witch Doctor one - maybe a DH one as well - though I know we have others who have more hours logged on the DH.

    We can easily have multiple builds up for each class too - since not everynone will be playing exclusively either solo - or grouped.

    We'll figure out some standard template for the builds to make them all easy to read through.
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