Dark Crag - 30 Day Update

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    LotD was founded on Dark Crag about 30 days ago, and this server has certainly lived up to our expectations. At this time the Destro realm is the under dog on the server, and it is fighting against a very large and organized Order presence. However, LotD is working with many Destro guilds to increase communication and coordination at the realm level so we can begin to turn the tide of the war.

    LotD Guild Progress:

    LotD-Destro @ Warheap

    Warheap is slightly out of date due to the 1.2 patch, but good enough for this article.

    (Numbers of characters per tier)
    T4: 39
    T3: 44
    T2: 44
    T1: 9

    Guild Class Balance (all tiers)

    Tank: 21%
    Healer: 39%
    MDPS: 14%

    The guild is doing well on having enough healers for the long term, but it should be noted that most of our healers are still in the Tier 3 bracket. We have been recruiting DPS classes to compliment our healing corps, but it will be hard to field 2 WB's of balanced T4 groups until those healers get out of Tier 3.

    Guild Rank and Renown

    Guild Rank: 17
    Renown: 21+ Million

    That's not bad considering we've been on the server slightly less than a month. We're progressing nicely, and we will be able to perform better on Dark Crag in a shorter amount of time than it took our Order unit on the Azazel server.

    RVR Rundown

    There are regular fort pushes and capital city sieges on this server each week. Hopefully we can help turn things around and push the enemy capital. Mythic has made capital city sieges much more difficult, and ward gear is an absolute must if anyone wants to be able to push the city invasion beyond Stage I. We hope to be able to gear our folks up with greater ward gear or skip straight to invader armor. I'm sure we'll still have to work in some Lost Vale runs and some other dungeons in order to get the most uber of items prior to our members gaining Renown Rank 55+.


    Now that we are in T4 with at least 1 Warband, we are weighing our alliance options. We will be speaking with the existing alliances to see where we fit in, and how we can help make the most impact for the Destro realm. Our leadership is committed to working with other Destro guilds and alliances so we can turn the tide of battle, and then push back to Aldtorf to derank their city.

    The days ahead look good, and Dark Crag was the right decision for LotD to move forward in Warhammer.

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