Dark Crag - 90 Day Update

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    It seems like it should be longer, but LotD will have been on Dark Crag 90 days by the end of this week. In that time we have we have done a lot of things to move our guild, our realm, and our server in the right direction.

    Guild Rank and Renown

    Our Guild Rank and Renown earned as a guild have gone up much faster on Dark Crag than on Azazel even though we haven't had a regularly owned Keep contributing to our guild exp. On Dark Crag there is so much PVP and zones flip so often that it is impossible to control a keep for long. So 99% of our guild rank has been from killing players or consuming end game content. In a nutshell is means we are out there kicking ass every day, and if we play long enough we may attain Guild Rank 40 before moving onto another game.

    Guild Size and Activity

    LotD-DC is currently sitting at a little over 100 characters, mostly level 40, with about 65 individual players. During our time on DC we were larger in the beginning, and we're currently going through a minor rebuilding phase as some of our members have decided to retire from the game. Mythic's recent addition of in-game recruiting tools has helped us greatly, and our goal is to maintain as close to 100 active players as possible.

    For any guild to maintain over time there has to be a constant focus on regular recruitment, and then regular guild orientation and training sessions. Our leadership is committed to helping new members to integrate into LotD so long as those new recruits show a willingness and desire to help LotD succeed.

    The Gear Chase

    Unfortunately Warhammer is a game where gear is fairly important. Coming to DC the gear check was one of our major concerns. However we have a majority of the guild now in Greater and Superior Wards, and many of our newer recruits are quickly obtaining their gear as well.

    LotD runs static groups and PVE nights for members to acquire gear through PVE, we run regular RVR so our members can gain RVR tokens to buy gear via PVP, and with the new RVR zone rewards the leadership can pass gold bags around to members in need of stuff. So our members who contribute a lot to PVP by helping us to cap zones, keeps, etc can help people gear out faster.

    The RVR Overview

    LotD has been a proud member of the Command and Conquer Alliance on Dark Crag. At the time we rolled here, Destro was pushed back to its capital regularly, and largely unable to mount an offense that could get back to Altdorf. We vigorously worked with some of the leading guilds on the server, and were able to get Command and Conquer setup shortly after our arrival.

    Since then we have been back to Altdorf several times, put Order on notice that we can bring the fight to them, and executed several triple zone and triple fortress attacks to keep them off balance. LotD and Command and Conquer have been so successful that Order has gone from prime time attacks to having to engineer IC raids via ninja attacks during off peak hours.

    We all still have a lot of work to do, and there is plenty of action to be had on Dark Crag. We invite old members to come game with us, we invite those who are looking for a quality guild to consider joining us, and we invite Order to keep feeding us renown and PVP tokens.

    The Future

    Our future on Warhammer is going to last a while longer. According to my game tracking our future games that we are interested in won't come out until mid 2010 or 2011. So unless some niche game like Jumpgate, a Darkfall USA release, or something else catches our eye then we should have a warhammer presence for quite a while.

    So long as we have quality leaders to steer the chapter, lots of PVP, and good member turnout then Warhammer is the place to find us for the foreseeable future.

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  2. halibutk Member

    Its nice to hear that LOTD is doing good. I hope to possibly come back to the game when RL permits as I am biting at the bit for quality PVP. Good luck

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