Darkfall NA-1 First Month

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by GC, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. GC Official Boob Inspector

    We've been pushing hard in Darkfall and doing well. We've completed all major pieces of our main city. As you can see, our alliance has two of the top three city crafters in the game right now since launch and we're #1 for the Week:


    PvP is warming up as people are getting their characters skilled to acceptable levels, and skirmishes are happening nightly.

    If you haven't tried Darkfall, I definitely recommend you do. This game is already at an epic level for pvp, politics, and large scale warefare.

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  2. Epoch New Member

    Well done! Thats quite a quick achievement, keep it up. Although Darkfall doesn't draw my interest, I will have another look.

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