Darkfall NA-1 First Week

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by GC, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. GC Official Boob Inspector

    Lords of the Dead move out in front on the American Server!

    Following in the historical footsteps of our prior chapters, after only one week in Darkfall Online, the Lords of the Dead are sitting in one of the best positions on the NA server. We sit along-side the most influential and recognized guild from the EU server- Sinister. LotD has secured three holdings (two cities and one hamlet), one on a remote island and two on the main island of Agon. The Exodus Syndicate, Sinister, Lords of the Dead, Shadow Pact and Evil Bastages rounded out the first five guilds to capture a city. We welcome any solid, well-organized guild with numbers and skill to man up and come to the only truly "American Server". Unlike a lot of guilds who crumble or disappear in a few months, the Lords of the Dead have a deep bench and always pulls it out in the forth quarter.

    We now own what many believe to be the most fortified location in Darkfall and are preparing for our friends who are camped out macroing on EU-1 or in hiding. Our main city housed the largest guild on the European server. We invite all those sitting back waiting for the three month transfers to try Darkfall with the incredible NA ping and a wide open world to conquer. See you when we see you.
  2. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Good to hear! Make sure to get some good killshots and videos for our DF history!
  3. Sorcon Banned

    Good times, wish you were here.
  4. dacliff New Member

    Just to clarify, I don't pull out till I'm done.
  5. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    The game is great. We really picked up a lot of support from our core members this go around.

    Fun times.
  6. Wanderer Lord

    This game really is incredible! If it wasn't for LotD I wouldn't even be playing it lol! You guys are awesome! :cool:
  7. Darkmaul New Member

    Great to hear that we are getting alot of support,I am loving this game so far... hope to be joining you soon.
  8. Azaazel Banned

    That's great to hear. I just purchased it and am ready to start gaming a bit again with my new beast of a computer. 6 hour DL for the game, so hopefully I'll be in game tomorrow.

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