Dear God, not another picture posting thread!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mephiston, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Nothere Guest

    I lol'd at the Koolaid one.
  2. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

  3. ...that also represents government work...perfectly!
  4. Detritus Lord

    I drew a new logo for the WoW Chapter.

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  5. El Topo Lord

  6. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

  7. El Topo Lord

    I love those little guys :D
  8. Salohcin Member

  9. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls


    what's funny about that guy?

    or is that you?
  10. Salohcin Member

    They need to be funny?
  11. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    ok let's start this again. what do you want to show us on this picture? a small text might have been helpful, as the picture itself isn't telling us too much about they way how it should entertain us.
  12. Salohcin Member

    Sorry, I just thought this was a pic thread, I didn't kow it should entertain,
  13. sprock Lord

    Tombstone fun :D

  14. Detritus Lord

    Likort is trying to nicely ask WTF is up with the picture?

    So for the 3rd try here... WTF is up with the picture?
  15. Kar Guest

    I actually think this is pretty cool for some reason. Do you have a higher res copy?

    Also, to contribute something:


    Look at dat crab
  16. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    no linking from host? seems like waffleimages doesn't like being linked, so i imageshacked it:


    holy crab! don't wanna meet that bitch
  17. Kar Guest

    Oh of course, sorry. Waffleimages only works on SomethingAwful forums and my mind was on autopilot apparently. Thanks.
  18. Jeer von Jeerington

  19. [​IMG]

    They say two-bites brownies...
  20. I found this one on my Myspace:


    My favorite is the one that says "UR A HO" it makes me feel good :p

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