Dear God, not another picture posting thread!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mephiston, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Dochan Sanjos' Bitch

    of course. they are just a bunch of pictures put together
  2. Cedwyn Banned

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  3. Holy shit this thing is still going.

    I'm old.
  4. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    WTF. You are old, and still around?
  5. Every so often I wake up from my booze coma and I use the LotD site layout as a litmus test to see how much the world has changed. So.. we got flying cars yet?
  6. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Shit... good thing you didn't come back when @perilX had it in disco mode.
  7. haha, I like the layout. I see a lot has changed. It sure as hell as come a long way in the last.. shit.. 20 years.
  8. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    You'd know better than I.

    Sad part is, I think we're set for a redesign here in the not too distant future.
  9. I'm sure it'll be good. Now Im viewing videos of what y'all are playing. Wildstar looked interesting when I watched a video of it like a year ago, Archeage I had never seen before now.
  10. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Meph, let's catch up in TS.... there's much you've missed.
  11. I can do that, I'm just sitting here drinking coffee and waiting for rush hour to die down so I can buy groceries.
  12. Valor Buffalo Rancher

  13. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    @Valor @Lake

    The Conan, Bam Bam, X super team is almost complete. just neeed one for your other host.
  14. Flo Inactive Chapter Member

    Couple random .gif animations I did recently... Might start diving deeper into animation as they were super fun to make.

    I'm not really a cat person...


    Made this for a friend:

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  15. It's the small things in life!


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  16. How guys see ugly girls after drinking (squint your eyes)

  17. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    @Shaylynne Looks like a mix of Zoolander and Beyonce. xD
  18. That could be it :)
    Definitely Blue Steel
  19. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    Haha that was the name of my blue elk thing on Archeage

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