Destiny 2 Chapter Interest thread with Poll

Discussion in 'FPS Discussions' started by Soth, Jul 13, 2017.


CHECK ALL THAT APPLY: Which platform will would you be willing to buy if we had a chapter

  1. PC

  2. PS4

  3. Xbox One

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Soth Administrator

    Might be fun to have a short-term destiny chapter if enough people are interested. Our goal would be to run for 1-3 months then have a chapter meeting to discuss if the game is suitable for a long term chapter or not. Very casual, as this game doesn't need a lot of people to have fun in. In the poll, check ALL options that apply to you:

    Console release: Sept 6

    PC Release: Oct. 24
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  2. Soth Administrator


    Hunter skill tree and gameplay:

    Warlock skill tree:

    Titan Skill tree:

  3. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Yeah I want to play this.
  4. bizzaro Guilford's bromance

    I might be down for this:)
  5. Guilford Warlord

    Pm me when it's closer if I like the people playing I will play it
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  6. Kejo Destiny 2

    Oh guilford, you'll like me :)
  7. Zaltex Lord

    I know a few people who have their eyes on this. I would be down. PC / PS4. No preference for either, but won't play on Xbone.
  8. bizzaro Guilford's bromance

    Same as zaltex with PC or ps4, although I think we'd get more people involved if it was PC.
  9. Soth Administrator

    Yeah by the looks of things it will be pc. Hate waiting an extra 2 months for the release tho
  10. Hectic Lord

    I'll be playing on PS4 until the PC version gets released. If anyone wanna play the PS4 beta add me on psn Hectic-911
  11. I'm with Guil on this. I dunno about that Kejo guy. I heard he's bad at every game he plays.
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  12. El Topo Lord

    I'll give it a try for PC, but it looks pretty meh. Watching the skill videos the Warlock is clearly OP. All their abilities work together. They have healing, speed, and damage. The Hunter seems to only have damage. The Titan is a odd mix of melee, and cover. Shouldn't the cover shield go to the Hunter since he is the ranged class? Am I the only one that thinks the skill trees seem kinda retarded, and not well thought out?
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  13. Soth Administrator

    @Karjak where you at whore? I expect you to carry me in this game like you did in overwatch.
  14. Georgetta Gear Level 9000

    Im game :)
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  15. El Topo Lord

    Why don't we play Citadel: Forged in Fire rather than Destiny 2, which we all know is a waste of time.

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  16. Torric Lord

  17. Glyph Forum Failure

    Like hectic ill prob play this on xbone before pc is out.
  18. Karjak Lord

    LOL @Soth i will be playing this i already bought the game + xpacs fuck this Oct 24th noise but yea im interested, at minimum I will probably clear everything and whatever they consider "hard" fps content.
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  19. Xight New Member

    I can haz Destiny, hopefully I have time to play. My gaming hours has been reduced =P

    And why do I show up as a New Member =P
  20. Soth Administrator

    Excellent, you can carry me like you did through overwatch.


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