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    PVE -
    There are Power Level (formerly known as Light) requirements for certain in-game activities, for those that are unfamiliar light is equivalent to gear score, the most note worthy requirements are​
    1. 240 Power Level for Nightfalls
    2. 270 Power Level for Raids
    • Hitting the bare minimum for Power Level requirements does not put you at any sort of disadvantage so aim for the minimum ASAP, I personally cruise control after that.

    • Increasing your Power Level is a matter of equipping the highest level equipment you have for that equipment slot. If you like the perks on weapon/armor but it's lower light level, simply store it in your bank as you'll be able to use Legendary Shards to boost the levels of any armor/weapons.

    • Legendary Shards are earned by dismantling purple and above gear, they'll be abundant after a while so don't feel the need to save up.

    • Void Warlock, Night Stalker Hunter, and Sentinel Titan are the best PvE specs but every spec is viable.

    • The fastest method for increasing Power Level, IMO, is to do public events and patrols on the side. Simply go to a planet and check your map for events that are starting. You'll gradually earn gear that's 1 level above yours and slowly climb in Power Level. After hitting level 20 it should be around 5-6 hours before hitting 240 power level with this method.
    • Never forget to do weekly quests and keep in mind with the guild completes things such as nightfall, crucible, and raid challenges you also get gear if you didn't participate. Just talk to an NPC at the Traveler that will glow on your map.

      PVP -
    PvP in Destiny is rather simple, there are 4 different games modes:

    Supremacy, Destiny's version of Kill Confirmed in which after you kill someone you must pick up a orb dropped by their bodies that credits your team with the kill. If you do not get the orb and are denied it, your team gains no points. It's crucial that you confirm kills if you want to win.

    , probably the most favored mode in D2 is an objective capturing game mode. You have 3 points, A B C, and capping a point grants a point but killing someone with points increases the amount of points you earn. Having a single capture point will give you 1 point per kill, having two capture points will give 2 points per, having three capture points will give 3 points per kill. Objectives are key here and if you manage to have zero capture points your kills won't get your teams any points.

    Clash, straight up old fashioned Team Deathmatch. No objectives just killing each other.

    Trials of Osiris, the try hard sweaty mode of Destiny 2 PVP. you have to win a certain amount of matches over 9 or 10 games. I haven't participated in this as I was saving the experience for PC so I don't have any first hand information to give about the mode other than it has unique banners and weapons as the reward and probably won't be available the first week of launch.

    • Securing Heavy Ammo is key when matches get competitive, it can spawn within the first 10 seconds of the match or over a minute within the match. I think the timer varies based on map and game mode.

    • The meta requires that teams stick together rather than the usual run and gun style, Warlocks healing rift is the best ability in PvP by far.

    • Once a match you'll be able to get your Super regardless if you're winning or losing, you will almost never get 2 supers in one match so use the 1 super very wisely. Aim for a potential quadrakill.
    Last but not least, there's a meta established on PS4 and I highly recommend you use at least one of the following weapons in PVP, #1-3 I consider pretty OP TBH:

    1. Uriels Gift (AR)
    2. Last Hope (Side Arm)
    3. MIDA Multitool (Scout Rifle)
    4. Better Devils (Hand Cannon)
    5. MIDA Minitool (SMG)
    6. Nightshade (Pulse Rifle)
    7. Play of the game (Heavy Ammo/Grenade Launcher)
    8. Hoosegow (Heavy Ammo/Rocket Launcher)
    9. Shock and Awe (Heavy Ammo/Fusion Rifle)
    10. Hawthrones Shotgun (Heavy Ammo/Shotgun)
    11. Steel Sybil Z-14 (Heavy Ammo/Sword)
    This link will help you find most of these weapons:
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    I'll add to this.

    As you do the main story missions in each planet, you will get tokens from the main npc at each of these world, EDZ, Titan, Nessus and IO. Do not turn any of them in until you you beat the main story. Since the rewards are based on your current light level, you will get better rewards if you save them and turn them in later. Your light level is gonna get to a point where it will get stuck 260 and 265 and the vendors won't give you any upgrade until you get past the soft cap.

    more info here

    When you get to light level 280, you can start making +5 light level legendary mods that you can apply to weapons and armor. You can infuse weapons with another weapon of the same type to increase the light level of that weapon. If the weapon has a +5 mod in it, that mod will get transferred to the new weapon. This does not work for armor mods. Don't be scared to use your exotics for infusions because you don't lose them. A copy of the exotics are saved to your vault and you can use some legendary shards later if you want to use that exotic again.

    You can transfer weapons only (no armor) to your vault(bank) and use them in a new character to quickly increase the light level. This makes starting a new class a lot easier since you will be getting higher light level rewards.

    To unlock your other subclass, you have to loot chests from the world or public events. You will get an item to turn in and unlock the subclass.

    Every week there's a reset for milestone(missions) where it will give you powerful engrams that increase your light level way above your current light level. There's also a vendor that sells exotics, his name is Xur and his stock changes every week. His exotics maxes out at 270 but this is a good way to get an exotic you want and just infuse it to increase light level.

    Another weapon to add to mange's list is the origin story. It has the rampage perk that give you X 3 damage boost after you kill target. Pretty much all assault rifles are amazing right now.

    Power weapons for PVE and PVP Rocket launchers are great. The exotic Merciless is also amazing for boss fights because you can keep firing without having to charge the weapon if it doesn't kill the target.

    Swords for PVP are also OP, you die from 1 hit.

    STATS - Mobility does not effect your sprint speed, only effects your walking speed, side to side(strafe) and jump height. Don't worry about the jump height because you will be able to jump anywhere with only 1 mobility.

    Resilience is good and lets you take a couple of more hits.

    Recovery is king, probably the best stat in the game. This will make your health regen faster.


    Infusion/Mods guide
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    From the PS4 version I learned to not spend any tokens until completing the main quest. Save everything until; after completing the main story, then cash in
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    So is it just the EDZ tokens I'm saving or should I not spend glimmer either?
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    Save All tokens.

    You can use glimmer, there’s actually a cap for it. I like using mine for Cayde-6 treasure maps and scout reports that give you the buff for 4 hours where chests are.
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    Apparently another good use is random mods purchased from the gun smith. You'll need them later.
  9. Zedword Destiny 2

    Twin and I grouped with a random and farmed arms dealer for about two hours. Got twin to 270+ and me to 260. You can speed run this and complete each run in about 10 minutes with a good group of 3, there are two areas where the hunter group stealth allow you to completely bypass the rooms(the outdoor area with hydraulic arms and the tank room). Each run will net you 5+ items, and you'll get a stupid amount of tokens. I thought I did pretty good item wise, then I checked mail since you run so fast you don't loot half of it and found 3 more legs. If you can find two people this is probably the fastest way to raise your power fast. I turned all my tokens in because fuck it, but you could just save them and dump them all at 270 if you really wanted to.

    To speed run this mode: a hunter with the group invis helps, having rocket launchers for the ships, REALLY good grenades since you can spam them(I used the long duration vortex nightstalker ones), and probably a titan for the shield for easier res I guess. You can bypass the outdoor ship area with the hydraulic landing arms, if you dont have hunter stealth you can run directly to the arms on the left and jump puzzle up them, then speed run past the mobs on that platform. Next room is the double tank room, one tank on bottom one on top. This one is harder since you do need to clear some stuff; but what we did was run around the back of the room to this red box and jumped up on top and onto the platform from there. Then, just spammed grenades to kill everything and tank and go through door as fast as possible. All the other rooms need to be cleared pretty much.
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