Destiny 2 Trial Version now available

Discussion in 'Destiny 2' started by Likort, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    A few minutes ago, the Trial Version of Destiny 2 went live.

    • Campaign Mission on EDZ & Titan
    • Adventure and Explore two full worlds
    • PvP Multiplayer: Crucible Quickplay Playlist
    • Character Progression: to Level 7
    • Gameplay carries over to full game with purchase
    • Clan Functionality

    I get a free version in the next few days with my Graphics Card but maybe I can use the Trial version to decide whether to use the code for myself or give it to someone else.

    The download is 39GB.
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  2. Soulshox Lord

    Just a warning though the XPAC drops in a few days/week separately it costs £29.99 for the xpac pass
  3. Soth Administrator

    Don't make your decision until you've tried the trial version PvP with me. Couple people tried the trial and are planning to buy it because they enjoyed to pvp so much.

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