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    In this thread, I'll post random cool facts about Star Citizen as I discover them.

    Did you know in Star Citizen it takes into account Gforce, and provides visual feedback? Your screen will turn red as you dip into too strong of a gforce (red-out) and you will experience a blackout if you do not let off a bit.
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    Star citizen will be using AMD Mantle. Roberts explained why:

    Chris Roberts: The thing with Mantle is that it lets you go straight to the hardware so you can have actually more draw cores. One of the big bottlenecks in PC game performance is how many draw cores you can actually get through the GPUs. Normally if you profile a modern based PC game, its CPU drops a little bit. Now you can have a whole bunch of Titans in it and they’re not really doing much because they can’t get all the information from the computer from the CPU side down to the GPU because it’s getting bottle-necked in Direct X.

    DirectX is really a multi-threaded API so at most I think it deals with two threads, whereas something like Mantle can basically exist on 8 threads…So that’s sort of the best thing about it, something like Mantle, is that it does a little multi-processing and it’s a much better architecture to work with multi-processors and then it allows you to sort of bypass the OS along with the middle bloatware of something like DirectX.
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    Chris Roberts reported they currently have around 170 people working on star citizen. Quote below:

    "Between employees and contractors we have about 170 people working on the project presently and we're going full steam ahead on all aspects - Space, Planetside, FPS Combat / Boarding, Squadron 42 and the Persistent Universe (which includes all the backend). We have over 10 conceptual artists working on fleshing out the visual look of the universe. There will be lots of content that will be coming down the pike. I don't believe there is a another crowd funded game, or even another PC game that will be able to compete with us in terms of content generation and ambition (thanks to all your generous support), so there will be plenty of stuff to see - just be patient. "

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