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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scarab, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Bahamut Lord

    gold cheat FTW, there's no way at lvl 9 morrigan would have that staff
  2. zeta Lord

    no...It drops in the Wardens Keep
  3. GC Official Boob Inspector

    I finally finished this one. Was quite a bit of fun, I maxxed out at level 25 with a primal mage using petrify/paralyze/crushing prison/drains build.

    I think I over levelled a bit, as the end fight seemed pretty easy.
  4. Cedwyn Banned

    Anyone know what the shrine in the legions of the dead hall (deep roads) does when you wear the armour? My party has no tanks, so I didn't have anyone who had a high enough strength to see what happened.

    Also, earlier in the deep roads I was finding bags with parts of some monster in them - anyone know where this quests concludes?
  5. Bahamut Lord

    I dont remember any armor, i know you could collect the legion armor set in the way but i never finished.. i could never find the chest

    with the parts, you need 3 of those, and then go to ortan something and use the alter there, if you ask for reward you'll get 25g, if you kill the best i think you get nothing
  6. Cedwyn Banned

    I did some research and apparently some 'legion ghost' appears that you kill with a crappy reward.

    I'll have to check out the Ortan one when I am back in that area. Thanks for the info.
  7. StaticBlack Member

    The shrine for the body parts is in the area with the crazy dwarf that lives off Darkspawn blood if I recall correctly.
  8. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    managed to kill high dragon on nightmare with no ranged characters.

    only had two dudes left standing.
  9. Scarab The Mechanic

    Beat the game too... kinda lame that its 5 minutes of text for an ending.. eh whatever. On to my mage... then maybe a warrior of some kind.

    Game itself is great even if the ending's poo poo
  10. Bahamut Lord

    did it on hard, wasnt really hard... the only one in my party who died was morrigan because the dragon oneshotted her. I ended up having the dwarf DW champion/bersker, alistar S&B templar/champion, morrigan spirit healer/aracane warrior and myself DW templar/berserker... it became a matter of seeing how cool was my character fighting at the end

    Btw, did any of you check if reaver was bugged? blood frenzy wasnt increasing my damage or my reaver companions with health drop.
  11. Cedwyn Banned

    I have defeated the high dragon and flemeth with two mages and two ranged rogues, no deaths. Actually, flemeth forced me to use one mage and a tank. Since I don't melee, I sell all my melee weapons. I get to flemeth and realize my 'tank' has no armour or weapons because I sold them all.... LOL. And he only died once.

    I found a really nice combo: Bard's Captivating Song and a Mage's Forcefield on the Bard. The song stuns everyone in the area every few seconds and no one can touch the bard. Since the bard is immobile during the song, it doesn't hamper the bard anyways. Though I only use the song when there are many enemies in close quarters.
  12. Bahamut Lord

    you mean the high dragon in the urn quest? how did u fight it?
  13. Cedwyn Banned

    It was quite funny - I didn't know you could use the horn to call it, so I used blizzard to pull it down. My two rogues are ranger/bard, so they both have pets. The pets 'tank' until they die then I summon a new pair of pets and repeat. The mages used cone of cold whenever it was up, but the dragon must have a high magic resist because the freezing lasted only like 2 seconds. Once the dragon gets pissed off at one of the mages, I forcefield then. Meanwhile my rogues attack from a distance - they pretty much are the ones who killed it. Also, whenever someone important dies (ie. a mage), I forcefield the dragon and rez the fallen. Then you have about 15 seconds to heal up, resummon, etc.

    Same with flemeth, pets tank while Wynne used cone of cold and forcefielded whoever had the aggro.

    I find it funny that I can kill any boss using this technique, but when I am attacked by a certain antivan person in a back alley somewhere, all my chars die. They cloak and backstab... not nice, heh.

    On a side note, ranger pets are the bomb. They are pretty much expendable and they do decent damage (especially the bear). The upgraded bear (master ranger) is huge and I have used it to block doorways. Though in tight passages, the bear also blocks you. Another nice strategy is using summons as scouts. You take control of them, tell your party to hold, and you run around an area. This forces any cloaked mobs to uncloak and attack you, and it helps trigger boss battles. Since mobs attack the first thing they see, you use a summon to distract an entire room of mobs and then bring in your party and pick everyone off while forcefielding the summon.

    The AoE in this game is very unbalancing. Its fun to use, but you can use it with no line of sight. So you scout a room with a cloaked rogue and then cast blizzard, inferno, and tempest, and perhaps death field with your mages behind a wall. Stack blizzards to stack chance to freeze then stack tempest and inferno (inferno breaks freeze so...). I just finished a certain Arls estate where I killed about 30 guards at once with a blizzard-blizzard-tempest.

    I'm almost at the end of the game. I am thinking of giving the game another go (a short game, not doing every single quest) where my main is an arcane warrior/blood mage, morrigan is a shape/arcane warrior, wynne is a healer/arcane warrior and a rogue with high survival/lock picking. That is three mages using the most unbalanced class-combo in the game, lol.
  14. Waratah Member

    I just picked up this game.

    Seriously looking forward to playing it.
  15. Bahamut Lord

    [FONT=&quot]So bottom line you despite melee at all cedwyn, i could see why. I finish the game on hard not on nightmare so i dont really know if melee is a viable option for nightmare. It was almost impossible for my 3 melee party / 1 full support mage party on hard until i respeced all my melees to dual wield, then it became just easy, anyway i noticed my rogue was far behind than my 2 warriors, less hp, less dps even with backstabs.

    I had my main Templar/berserker and orgrhem berserker/champion, Both with AoE cc's and really high attack/defense. With my mage's hast I didn’t have to use momentum so there was plenty of stamina to use whirlwind and sweep for aoe. The damage they were doing was awesome. Around 50 - 70 per hit per sword with dual striking. Both with 100 physical resistance (even tho, flemeth and the archdemon where knocking them down)

    I used Leliana being bard/Assassin, because dual striking negates any chance of critical i never bought it with her(actually never tested if she was able to backstab with it). Because you need some many talents it was impossible to have everything, only at 25 i managed to max both specializations and have all the rogue talents i needed

    Also, the stats need was annoying(around 30 strength to wear weapons, 36 dex for dual wielding mastery and the rest on cunning). While my 2 warriors needed just 36 dex and pure strength. She was back stabbing for around 110 but my 2 warriors were dealing around 130 dmg with dual striking per hit plus using massive armor and having almost twice the hp.

    I'm gonna try nightmare now, but I’m still unsure about which class to pick with my main. Besides picking locks and disarming traps, is there any advantage to be a rogue? Did I do something wrong with my leliana to be so crappy in comparison with the warriors?, not counting the best armor in the game game(both for looks and stats) is templar only. Should i try archery with leliana instead?

    P.D. didn’t understand how you managed to fight the high dragon? you casted blizzard on the far top of the mountain and it came to you?

    Also, did anyone else notice that, the more you play the game, the longer it takes loading screens? Seems like a really bad memory leak

    Edit: Microsoft Word OWNED me... lol
  16. Detritus Lord

    Well this game is definitely a Bioware title. They excel tremendously with the story, but the combat/gameplay just isn't all that fun. Like Mass Effect, like Jade Empire, etc.

    I've given this about 10 hours now and that's all it is getting from me, the combat just feels so primitive. No nearest target key? No attack key? Seriously? Just mouse click and hope you don't accidentally click on one of your party members because that will switch you to them and leave the character you were playing to fall back on his script and probably fuck up his mana/stamina doing something dumb.

    I like the scripting engine they added to the AI, but the limitations they impose on it serve only to take away any possible joy from using it! Great, you can make your AI behave in logical conditioned-based ways, but you can only do this for 3(up to 7 if you blow points on tactics) conditions!

    I really wanted to like this, the story is probably Bioware's best to-date and that is saying something. I nearly made it all the way through Jade Empire, despite their mind-numbingly boring combat, just to explore the rich world and intriguing story. Dragon Age, however, is just another Mass Effect of missed opportunity and poor execution. I can't believe everyone has been hyping this fundamentally un-fun game; I am left to assume I am missing something.
  17. Bahamut Lord

    Well, first of all, the fact it took my 60hours of play to finish the game without doing All the side quests made me like the game, i'm tired of playing a game when the first time you play it it takes 10hours of play, then the second it takes only 2 hours.

    Second, Dragon Age is actually hard to play and offer a real challenge, same with those 10h gameplay games, they're usually just go around looking cool to the end of the map, open the box and kill the "boss" then go back and that's it.

    I even think Dragon Age is better the NWN2.

    Mass effect was a cool game to play for 3 days and then to the trash but at least was a huge improvement since KOTOR. KotOR 1 and 2 were, in my opinion, 2 of the dumbest games i have ever played, not even in the max difficulty and in purpose making really bad builds it offered some kind of challenge in combat, and quest wise... i think even barby horse adventures offered a better challenge
  18. Cedwyn Banned

    My melee always died when I used them. Ofcourse I may have been playing them wrong. Alistar always died first. When I got Sten he did decent tanking, but he was guzzling potions to stay alive. I set up Leliana to be a ranged rogue while my main (rogue) was still on the fence between melee/ranged.

    I would love to play some melee's, but they just don't do it for me. I can set up my ranged rogues to do damage and never touch them during battle (using the scripting). They never lose health or stamina. Infact, all my characters have 10 con (~150hp), ~10% armour, ~10% fatigue.

    I mainly control my mages as they generate the most aggro. So basically it comes down to kiting with a mage while the scripted rogues do ranged damage.

    Leliana has a really nice script setup: Whenever an enemy cannot attack, crit shot them. This results usually when a mob has been frozen by CoC and the crit shot works most of the time - shattering the mob. By the end of CoC, I can shatter most normal mobs using critical shot and Wynne's earth fist spell.

    So basically my party strategy comes down to CC. If CoC wasn't so powerful, I don't know if I would have the same party as most of my strategy relies on CoC. My mages are practically always in melee range (lol?) due to CoC and they get the most aggro. By having different magic stats on your mages, you can pretty much force one mage to get all the aggro because their spells do more damage / generate more aggro. Morrigan always is kiting.

    To give some stat comparisons:
    Main (19) has 20 str, 45 dex, 20 will, 10 magic, 45 cun, 10 con.
    Leliana (18) has 20 str, 40 dex, 15 will, 10 magic, 40 cun, 10 con.
    Morrigan (18) has 10 str, 10 dex, 45 will, 45 magic, 10 cun, 10 con.
    Wynne (18) has 10 str, 10 dex, 50 will, 40 magic, 10 cun, 10 con.

    Some useful scripts I have for my rogues are:
    Self: Any -> Cloak (requires atleast rank 3 combat stealth). A successful hit from stealth is an auto crit. That means that every 10 seconds your rogue has a chance to get an auto-crit.
    Enemy: Cannot attack -> Critical Shot. Used for shatter.
    Also, to stop a ranged character from switching weapons when in melee combat (a HUGE pain because they don't switch back) is to only equip a ranged weapon in your first weapon slot and no weapons in your second slot.
    Then some class specific are to always have a bard spell on and to always have one of your summons active.

    My mages main spells are:
    CoC, Blizzard, Tempest, Shock Hands, Forcefield, Prison, Group Heal, Revival, Sleep, Horror (for using on sleeping mobs for spell-combo).

    My next play through, as I mentioned above, I want to try a blood mage / arcane warrior using these stats: 10 str, 25 dex, 10 will, 50 magic, 10 cun, 30 con. Then I will have a melee fighter that can cast spells to grab aggro. Equip some Juggernaut equipment and have high resists. Seems fairly overpowered.

    For the high dragon, I cast blizzard where it was sleeping and it flew down ;)
  19. Grim New Member

    Bahamut, I totally dig what you're saying about ridiculously short and easy games. That's why this game is going to be the best!

  20. Scarab The Mechanic

    Well I dare say you're an idiot... because if you didn't like the combat in in any of the Bioware RPG games, why even bother? Not your cup of tea? I get that, but seriously, why waste your time and money if you've never been a fan?

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