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  1. Detritus Lord

    Because, as I had pointed out earlier in this thread, I was a huge fan of KOTOR1. I don't even mind that the combat is real-time; though obviously I would prefer it to be turn-based like Pool of Radiance, M&M, and all the classic PC RPGs. Real-time is fine, but shit at least give me a nearest target key.

    Which brings up an interesting question, are any of you playing this on the consoles? How does targeting work there? Did PC port just didn't get the tuning it needed?
  2. thorizdin Administrator

    From everything I've read the PC version kicks the pants off of all the console versions, with the Xbox version being by far the worst of the bunch.
  3. Jeer von Jeerington

    Played it, beat it, started console commanding for the useless encounters.

    I seriously just wanted to get through it at one point and started just scripting all the useless enemies dead. The combat is way too repetitive even with cycling through all of the characters they give you. I rolled a tank and by the time I was assembling the Elves (third army I started on) I couldn't even be killed by the tomb Revs for juggernaut armor, after that everything after that was laughable.

    Blew the horn and tanked through the High Dragon 1 rogue just set up for back attacks, Wynne on heal/ice duty, and Barkspawn (totally took from Penny Arcade) the war dog being useless.

    Final fight was really a joke, they reaction commands would have been better then that. I would have pressed X not to die rather then just fighting my third dragon for no reason.
  4. Bahamut Lord

    I dont know why but all the games of the same genre (oblivion, fallout3, NWN, KOTOR) they all become easier the closer you are from ending them.

    The graphic for the difficulty is a line while you power increase is exponential. Even tho, Dragon Age was by far the hardest of all. I remember soloing everything from the start to the end in KOTOR and NWN

    You can always handicap yourself and go with not full party or solo if you find the game was too easy
  5. thorizdin Administrator

    Planning on running it solo or duo next.
  6. Cedwyn Banned

    I was thinking about this as well - in BG2 it was fun to take one of the soloable classes (ie. kensai). Once you got some good gear (boots of speed, items to resist stun/stone/etc.) you could manage most encounters.

    I'm thinking of something like arcane warrior/blood mage as the solo class (good survivability) and since it is solo, you won't have to worry about aggro management. Then throw in a rogue with max pick locking, survival skills and master stealth. The rogue simply stealths in combat and doesn't use abilities. However if things become too difficult, you also give the rogue trap-making. You can switch out survival for trap-making and use the stealth rogue to scout if you don't want to rely on survival (easier).

    For the mage, you might not want max combat as the arcane warrior uses more sustained abilities (rock armour, frozen weapons, etc.) and thus you won't be casting much in combat. If you do cast, it would be fast spells like CoC. So with this in mind you may want herbalism and poison making, giving you more survivability and damage.

    As for skills, there is a decent guide on gamefaqs for an arcane warrior. Essentially you are looking at defensive abilities that are always on rather than offensive abilities. However I think some abilities can be very useful (blizzard, coc, sleep, prison, forcefield), essentially the CC abilities will be required. What you also need to do is have a staff equiped in your second weapon set as you can only cast spells with a staff. While paused you switch weapons and cast your spell, then switch back and resume combat.

    Now I am excited about this, I think I'll try it tonight, lol.
  7. thorizdin Administrator

    If I duo I know it will be a rogue with Ranger specialization, survival, max lock picking, and perhaps bard. The pets aren't that tough but they're great as fodder to trigger or pull mobs.
  8. Bahamut Lord

    I'll play on nightmare this time with my 2 warriors/1 rogue/1 mage setup and see how it goes. If i find it too easy i'll prob will duo with my warrior and a bard/whatever for picklocking and stuff

    Btw, can anyone confirm if reaver blood frenzy is indeed bugged?
  9. Cedwyn Banned

  10. thorizdin Administrator

    I didn't even think of the Ranger pets as a target for the health steal on blood mage...that's really good synergy.
  11. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    Revenants are a tough fight, but they are very beatable. You need to have force field and/or cone of cold (their immune to cold damage, however they can still be frozen), and/or crushing prison.

    one tactic is to have shale (the golem) aggro the revenant with his roar taunt, and apply force field on him, all your other characters should be clearing out the creeps. Once their all dead have shale keep taunting the revenant and apply force field if needed (using crushing prison is also very effective). You don't need to have shale obviously (although his roar taunt is very good), any warrior with taunt will work.

    another tactic is to keep the rev locked down with force field and crushing prison, while you kill his flunkies.

    I found all the revenant fights to be fairly easy, except the one with the skeleton mage that likes to fuck you with fire ball and paralyze. For that fight I used alister with his templar skill that dispels the area (very handy).

    Regardless you definately need to have wynne or another mage that can heal.
  12. Cedwyn Banned

    "You won the game and we didn't feel like paying someone to narrate the ending, so here you go, read these boxes."

  13. Baidis Member

    I am looking to buy DAO and not sure what one to get.(xbox or pc) Looking for opinions on how this will run on my system.

    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8700 2.53GHz
    Ram 4GB
    64 bit windows 7
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670

    AMD Phenom 9600 Quad Core 2.3Ghz
    Ram 3GB
    32 bit windows vista
    GeForce 8500GT

    Or Xbox 360

    What do you guys think will run the game the best?
  14. Soth Administrator

    your laptop should be able to run it on max settings. the pc version is better than console for several reasons - the biggy is that you get more enemies so it is harder (if you want to set it to max difficulty) And it should look better. Your desktop should be ok running it as well.
  15. Baidis Member

    Ok I will go for PC version cause I have heard it's better couple times now. Also the price being less is an important factor since all the money I have is loaned.(yay being a student) Just wanted a second opinion last thing I wanted was to buy it and not be able to play it.
  16. Bahamut Lord

    another advice: game's worth paying it, DLC isn't
  17. Baidis Member

    I am currently going through on normal on Danish Elf Rouge and Human Noble Warrior. I plan on playing through on hard after and nightmare some day....
    Has any one played on Nightmare? I need to learn to pause more and when to pause before I ever beat hard and nightmare.

    I am really not sure how to use custom preset tactics. As the last time I tried it my guys ran around like morons and got killed.
  18. Cedwyn Banned

    A lot of people have played on Nightmare - its not too hard once you get the hang of the game. Mobs are harder to kill, do more damage, etc. But it isn't really a 'nightmare'.

    As for custom tactics, they are useful if you set them up right.

    Ie. Setting up a ranged rogue:
    Self, health <25%, use potion
    Self: Any, Activate Rapid Shot
    Self, Any, Activate Bard Song
    Self, Any, Activate Stealth (rank 3 or higher)
    Enemy, Cannot Attack, Critical Shot
    Enemy, Health <10%, attack
  19. Baidis Member

    Thanks gives me some idea of at least where to start first time I saw the lists I was just overwhelmed with where to start.

    Two questions not really sure what Enemy, Cannot Attack, Critical Shot means? Also I am a defensive style player but I am not sure what I can do tactics wise to set the up defensively with the just standing around? The two things that tactically have given me a lot of grief is allies running in against my wise or just standing around doing nothing. The hold and group attack commands have helped a lot but still think I could do better. Any suggestions on that?
  20. Cedwyn Banned

    Critical Shot is an archer skill.
    Enemy simply relates to selecting enemy from the list which states 'any enemy that cannot attack'.

    For defensive styles, you should look at buffs, ie. for a arcane warrior mage:
    Self, any, activate stone skin
    Self, any, activate arcane shield

    The best thing about the system is putting up buffs. Otherwise the AI tends to be pretty stupid.

    Read the in-game about the feature, you'll understand it more.

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