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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scarab, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Kotoll Lord

    Been playing a little. Did you know the game difficulty is much higher on the PC then on the x360?
  2. Baidis Member

    I have heard though I have not played on anything but PC.
  3. StaticBlack Member

    Somethign about there being less baddies in the console versions due to their limitations.
  4. Bahamut Lord

    finished the game on nightmare with:

    myself - DW warrior templar/berserker
    leliana - DW bard/duelist
    morrigan - haste/miasma/mass paralizis/crushing prision/cone of cold
    either alistar S&B or ogrhem DW

    easier impossible lol, no pots no deaths uless the high dragon, felmeth or broodmother. I even got the archivement of not dying in the entire game
  5. Cedwyn Banned

    Anyone give money to the beggar in the Elf Alienation district? Quite funny if you keep on giving them money whenever you enter into the map.

    I was wondering if there exists any similar or reference to that guy in BG that would constantly open up dialog with you about how everyone in the town hated him. Next to boo, he was my favourite npc, lol.
  6. Atera Member

    Neeber and Noober? lol I wondered if they'd do a reference to that too.
  7. Bahamut Lord

    i talked with the beggar, you give him money once and next thing you know u have a freaking horde asking you money but i dont remember the guy saying the town hated him.. where's he?
  8. Cedwyn Banned

    I'm on my second play through solo, nightmare with an arcane mage. Strangely enough, when I hit level 7, arcane warrior was already unlocked. I guess it unlocked for the entire game no matter what character unlocks it.

    Anywho, I cheated a little and abused the quest bug in the wilds where you can repeat a quest and get some xp. I did this to gain a few levels and get some better defense buffs. After Lothering, I dropped all my party (I decided not to go duo with a rogue).

    I am now in Recliffe... holy fuck is it hard (the second part). I basically ran to the docks and pull each mob one by one. It is slow and tedious. I figure I have another hour to go to kill all those mobs (considering it took me ~30mins on normal with a full party).
  9. Bahamut Lord

    solo should be imposible, i cant see how you could kill a revenant by yourself :S. Arcane Warrior gets unlocked by the raven when you "look it in the eyes", basically the raven unlocks every specialization but blood mage and reaver
  10. Cedwyn Banned

    We'll see ;) The arcane warrior thus far only has cloth/leather and a sword/shield. I was thinking last night about some future specs to help me out:

    1) Finish arl quest and get drake scales, then get some drake armour (low fatigue, decent armour).
    2) Also in the arl quest get the blood mage unlock.
    3) By level 12, should have 8 skill points (4 from levels, 3 from start of game, 1 from book). I am not sure if I can respec these skills, but I am thinking possibly 2 in combat (for mana regen), 4 in survival and 2 in poison. Or 4 in survival and 4 in poison. Herbal IV I will have on one of the npcs in camp and will make potions before I go out. Survival IV is needed to see mobs ahead of time - makes it easier to setup. And poison II - IV for extra damage.
    4) At level 14, I am probably going blood mage but could also go healer. The healer has 2/4 useful abilities (unless you count group heal as useful [what group?]). Bloodmage has 3/4 useful abilities: willpower/mana for buffs and health for active spells (like coc).

    I still need to review what buffs my char should have. The biggest problem of this build is casting a spell and not switching you weapon before hand - this causes extra animation lag as the pc changes weapons is longer than if you press / to change them.
  11. Cedwyn Banned

    I'll post some pics a bit later. So far I've completed the arl quest (haven't killed the high dragon yet). I started on the mages tower and killed my first boss level revenant (not including the arl quest one which was only elite). I've also killed a ton of boss level mobs (the hardest being a boss emissary). Ironically the hardest mob I've dealt with is a normal level templar or a pack of wolves (that knock down skill is a bitch). Mages can still be a pain, even with high resists, their spells still get through. And all mages seem to carry prison (immobilize and dot) and mortality (no healing and dot). Once you get mortality on you, you hit F9 to reload, lol.

    Upto level 14, the game is fairly frustrating. During the boss emissary fight (a random road battle), I reloaded about 50 times. Many of the battles I encountered I tried to find a spot in the map where I could only be attacked by one mob at a time.

    Once you reach 14, you get the single best spell in the game: shimmer shield. Maxes all your resistances (75), gives you around 80 physical/mental resistance and pumps your defence. At level 14, I can stand toe-to-toe will 10+ mobs and take 1 damage from each mob.

    So 1-14, hard. 14+, easy. Pretty much sums it up. I recommend if you are looking for a challenge to definitely try an arcane warrior on nightmare. For your first 20-30 hours you'll pull out your hair and swear a lot, but after that you can relax :p

    I also learned of another dragon in the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RhE6tncFA0
  12. Bahamut Lord

    an exelent spell to get is paralize, if you can get up to mass paralize even better... it's like crushing prision but without the spirit dmg dot. The beautyfull thing about this spell is that it actually work on bosses

    and well, Because everybody soloing is getting mages or rogues i'll get even farer and try soloing with a warrior. Dont know why people dont like warriors that much but they are just.... perfect.

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