Dragonrealm Omnibus Books Available

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    Legends of the Dragonrealm Vol. 1

    Legends of the Dragonrealm Vol. 2

    It has been ages since these books have been out in print, but I wanted to encourage our members and fans to be sure to check them out. The Dragonrealm series by Richard A. Knaak was the inspiration for me when I created the Lords of the Dead as an online gaming guild back in the 1990's. I liked the ethically challenged Vraad race, their mastery of magic, and their impact on a world called the Dragonrealm.

    Since our first game world was a Dungeons and Dragons online game, I took the concept and melded the two together in the online gaming environment. To explain things back then I generated the LotD guild's gaming lore, and it spans the first three games we played as a guild. The lore was written back in 1995, and I posted it again today for newer members to read.

    LotD Guild Lore

    Be sure to check out the old guild lore if you've never seen it, and support Richard A. Knaak for the wonderful world he created. Without him there would never have been a Lords of the Dead gaming guild, and we all might have been cursed to become the Lords of Farmville on Facebook!

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  2. haha, I was half hoping that linked to the oldschool lotd website with everyones character bio's and the midi music playing. :p
  3. Dozel Member

    picked up both volumes from chapters. willl be a lengthy read

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