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    Edit: Health issues delaying things again, but I'm not going to bump the thread, so here ya go... I'm going to try my best to get better so I can launch it before a VR comic stops becoming novel lol.



    So for those wondering what I've been up to for a while, other than being in MMO limbo and playing single player games in my free time; I've been working on a comic project off and on. It'll be on my website (I'll be relaunching it soon, but you can see my older random comics and art in the vault right now) www.drivingnowhere.com

    Here's the concept poster:


    The first page should be coming out by the end of the month and I'll shoot for a consistent (if slow) update schedule, but it'll probably be shaky at first. I'll be figuring out how to settle into a schedule that works with my IRL health issues / work, and of course with Black Desert looming.... :p

    It's a slice of life, based around a present day universe where virtual and augmented reality stuff is already fully mainstream and part of life. A few of the main characters have disabilities, but I intend for the reader to eventually forget they're even disabled and write them just like any other character. An annoying problem with entertainment today is how they shoe-horn disabled characters in as props to fill a diversity/PC quota, and it's just done horribly. Here you'll gain some insight on living with a disability of varying severities, but it's not a preachy/sympathy/etc. bullshit comic. It'll be vulgar, crass, silly, politically incorrect, and more at times. Most of all it'll be fun! :)

    Gaming will be a large part of the comic for sure, especially with the VR aspects, but it's not a 'gaming' comic if that makes any sense. Despite how the poster shows these characters together, it's more a story of characters living individual and intertwining lives. It focuses on the isolated yet connected social aspects you see in society today. Hard to explain. lol.

    OK THAT'S ENOUGH, I need to get back to drawing this thing... After sitting on this for a little while I just felt like sharing it.. Hopefully y'all will dig it!

    ...btw there's an MMO story arc planned early in the comic, so maybe there will be an LOTD cameo of sorts... ;)
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  2. Cedwyn Banned

    It's a hentai? Nice!
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  3. Tabaal Lord

    Why are all the girls fat?
  4. Flo Inactive Chapter Member

    lol wut


    Probably should've waited to post about this until I released the comic, this past month has been pretty crazy. After over a decade of heavy painkillers I jumped upon transitioning to medical marijuana... wobbly start, but I'm just getting back to a productive state. First comic has been nearly done for ages, but due to computer troubles I have to sort of redo my drawing setup and retrieve some assets/fonts/etc.
  5. Cedwyn Banned

    Did you have trouble drawing the clitoris? I find that the hardest when I draw stick women.
  6. Flo Inactive Chapter Member

    People who say hands are hard to draw accurately have no idea.
  7. Glisseal Lord

    Just ignore Cedwyn...he is the
    Guild Idiot who still lives with his Mom.

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