Ele Cleave Builds

Discussion in 'Path of Exile' started by Massium, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Massium Lord

    Been playing the Templar version of this since my flicker ninja splatted. Doing disgusting damage (1 shotting even level critters in Cruel act 3) with really good survive ability.

    Rain of arrows drops in nicely which I do when fighting Vaal.

    Templar struggles to get enough dex to use many swords, so look for Tomahawks (1.5 attack speed) until you have enough dex. Any totem you like works with this build. Been using rejuv totem.

  2. One of my friends has been playing a similar build in Softcore, with dual wielding 1 handers. It just works. He was getting 3k DPS on his Cleave at level 40 or so, haha.

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