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Discussion in 'League of Legends' started by Isy, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Isy Lord

  2. Lake Warlord

    I signed up to fill your last spot. Are we putting cash money on this piece?
  3. Isy Lord

    We could but I don't know if everyone would want to do that. I'll send the emails out to see when we could do the draft and all get on one voice comms and figure everything out.
  4. Lake Warlord

    Sounds good isy
  5. Isy Lord

    Fantasy draaft will start tomorrow at 6 pm PST.

    Please let me know if you will be able to make it. I picked this time since mostly everyone on the roster is usually available during this time.

    Need confirmation since the first game is on the 22nd. Will meet on teamspeak at that time as well. If you cannot be at your computer during this time, please know that you should be able to draft through your phone so wherever you are you can download the teamspeak application on your phone (4.99 on the apple store) and draft with voice comms.
  6. Isy Lord

    I wanted to take this opportunity and trash talk @Lake YOU ARE GETTING YOUR ASS HANDED TO YOU SONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Get your head in the game homie.

  7. Lake Warlord

    @Isy I got auto drafted roccat and mym. I told you the auto draft fucked me and I would be lucky if I weren't in last place.. Who drafts miemer jankos and nukeduck....zzzzxx good thing I'm high on meds or I would be really pissed
  8. Isy Lord

    @Lake lol for sure dude but, you can still win even with auto draft sucks. Just gotta know who to sub in and who to add/drop for the week. I believe in you.

    except this week you're gonna get REKTTTTTTTT LIKE A SCRUB.
  9. Isy Lord

    @Calebreth youre getting pooped on.


  10. Im wining actually, and still have three to go, I'm winning by like 56 or so points. Its a head to head league, kinda sucks but w/e and Yes I dropped nymph, I am not a fan of Elements, I don't think Froggen can carry hard enough to be good. This game is not about ADC's any more its about the mid/top getting involved in TF's and being active. If you are happy with sub 30 points per week then you will prolly lose a lot.
  11. Lake Warlord

    @Calebreth I bet @Isy gets notifications when people add or drop. I have been trying to fix my trash roster all day yesterday and have not seen anyone that will really make me points. Isy who did you have before nymph?
  12. Lake Warlord

    Anyone want to trade me a support?
  13. Isy Lord

    I had the shittiest support ever I thunk I had gambits supp.
  14. Lake Warlord

    You have two now
  15. Isy Lord

    Yeah I got sk's and element's supp.
  16. Lake Warlord

    I know give me one
  17. Lake Warlord

    This auto draft was retarded.... For some reason they wanted me to draft a shitty EU teams entire roster of suck. There's no decent free agents to even be competitive
  18. there are a shit ton of supports left dude, isy is the only retard who picked up another one
  19. Lake Warlord

    Supports that maybe get you 20 points... Maybe
  20. Lake Warlord

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