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Discussion in 'League of Legends' started by Isy, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Isy Lord

    Hahaha I'm kicking everyone's ass so hard right now. But I didn't stack my team,I actually had an auto pick as well accidentally. And I was like 5th pick dude.

    Also I would give you a support but I need both of them because it depends on which team is playing fanatic ill sub that support out.
  2. Lake Warlord

    Haha it's all in good fun. Maybe I can pull a few wins with these second rate players on my team
  3. Lake Warlord

    Why would you sub out nrated vs fnatic?
  4. Isy Lord

    No I mean whichever of the eu teams plays vs fnatic I will sub in the support that doesn't play vs fnatic.

    They look pretty good right now and so does sk. Elements looking kinda shady but who knows.
  5. Isy Lord

    Has anyone noticed how hard @Kotoll is getting his ass kicked?
  6. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I just put money on the Vulcun website and am trying out the 1 day fantasy tourny's today (its like DraftKing or FanDuel if you have ever done it for NFL)

    use voyboy , imaqtpie, westrice, or boxbox as your refferel... I believe it made me enter a referal since It is in BETA
  7. Lake Warlord

    I seen that
  8. Lake Warlord

    Who ever has hai, ouch. He was only good last season for rotations team fights. These new mods are running through him
  9. Isy Lord

    300+ points for me week one guys ;)

    Hopefully my teams keeps going like this. We all know the beginning of the season doesn't really say much.
  10. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I lost my 1$, I played Helios on my draft :( I'm dumb, 9 more dollars to lose
  11. Isy Lord

    hahaha yeah c9 usually plays like shit at the beginning of the season.
  12. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    no not meteos, Helios from Winterfox, who didn't even get to play this weekend. 3 koreans for winterfox were all stuck in korea with via issues.
  13. Isy Lord

    Oh lol i read that wrong. Yeah on my second draft team I had Imagine who was stuck with visa problems so I got 0 points for him. I still got second place for the week so I'm good.
  14. Lake Warlord

    Isy are you doing the Vulcan thing too?
  15. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I did the 1 dollar first place wins everything one, it was like 800 bucks. The winner put in 50 or so entries.
  16. Daemon Lord

    @Isy It's kinda like when @Kotoll plays ranked. :D
  17. Isy Lord

    @Lake No I am not doing the vulcan thing but honestly, I might start doing it soon. I knew a decent amount about these teams where I should be able to make some sort of money out of it.
  18. Isy Lord

    What's the point of C9 even being a team right now? All they did was get wrecked WEEK1 and then WEEK2 DAY1 they get a fluke win on the first time TL plays together, then get completely wrecked by CLG. Literally what is the point of them even being there? Just messing my score up.
  19. Lake Warlord

    I'm not sure whats going on with them.. they played great last season and in the world.
  20. Isy Lord

    TL needs to step their game up. Hopefully they can do it cuz I want then to win dudeeee

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