FFXIV: 30 Day Chapter Update

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    30 Day Chapter Update

    It's been a whirlwind 30 days here in Eorzea.

    We survived the tumultuous early release/launch week and have since hit the ground running. I'm happy to report that almost every 30 Day Goal I laid out for this Chapter was met and we're pushing hard as we look to our 60 Day objectives.

    Our core Membership is continuing to come out of the woodwork and join us here in FFXIV, which I believe is a testament to the great job this Leadership team has done in setting up and maintaining a productive Chapter. On the other side we've recruited heavily and laid the foundation for a strong, long lasting home for our community. Many of the new faces have been extremely helpful to their Guild mates and I believe we've shown them why that this really is the last Guild they ever need to join.

    As most everyone has finished leveling and gearing out a basic end game set, Raid content is our next priority. I'm excited to see just what this game has in store for us, both the near future and 24 man content due in November.

    A month has past since we set foot n FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. In these first few weeks our focus has been to bring a large portion of the Free Company to max level. Now that this has been achieved we are now shifting our focus to a more challenging horizon, the Binding Coil of Bahamut. The binding Coil is no easy take. Set as an item level 90, 8 man Raid instance in the form of 5 unique turns. However to unlock access we are required to slay 3 Hard Mode Primals: Ifrit, Garuda and Titan.

    This journey to the Binding Coil of Bahamut requires us to better equip ourselves. This is well on it's way, now that we have multiple groups clearing Amdapor Keep and Castrum Meridianum daily. Ifrit and Garuda have fallen to our sword and Titan is the last one standing in our way. We have every expectation to make our appearance to the Binding Coil in a matter of weeks.

    Tax collection will formally begin on October 1. Proceeds will be banked to purchase Guild housing when it goes live, as well as to help fund the Guild's crafting efforts and to provide high-end raiding consumables. We're making a big push to level up our collective gathering abilities and have added a second +Gathering Exp. buff day to our weekly buff schedule. Sundays and Thursdays are the days to level Disciplines of the Land! The Guild currently fields max level crafters in all the Disciplines of the Hand, and these crafters are being kept busy making gear and consumables for the Guild's current and future needs. Thanks to everybody for the great effort in building up our collective crafting and gathering abilities.

    There are some new additions to the forums of which everyone should please be aware. First, the instructions on how to pay your taxes can be found here. Second, information about our crafters can be found here. If you are a crafter, please post in this thread so we know what you can make, and so that we can send you materials to help you level/make stuff for the guild. Finally, if you are in need of crafted gear or consumables, please post in this thread. Crafters, please check it often to help the guild with its current needs. Thank you for everything that you make for us!

    We reached our recruitment goal of 100 members during the first 30 day period, this includes recruitment done during the Early Access period. With the initial 30 days over, we're taking stock of who will stay on board and will now retool our recruitment focus to filling out the necessary jobs that are lacking for group composition and forward PvE progression for the Chapter. We have many Trial Members who have progressed into the Provisional phase of their recruitment process and are finding us Guild oriented, organized and successful in our endeavors in the FFXIV world. We're mapping out what it will take for LotD to make it's mark on FFXIV: ARR and looking to expand our presence in the gaming community along with adding new Members to the LotD family for success in this game and Chapters beyond.

    We're still recruiting for our Chapter. If you've got what it takes to succeed with us, drop off an application HERE.

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    Thank you to all our officers and members for making the first 30 days great.

    We're just getting started in FFXIV though and welcome all LotD to come check it out!

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