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    Today Lords of the Dead ends it's time in Eorzea after 5 successful months. LotD started in FFXIV:ARR back in August 2013 with the intent to establish a casual based Chapter for our Membership to kill time with until the next great title launches. With our interest gathering for new and upcoming titles the goal was more then accomplished.

    During it's time here LotD successfully cleared almost all levels of content. Sadly PvP did not take off as hoped, however we gained some valuable new Chapter Members who we're happy to see will follow the LotD banner into the future.

    A continuous PvE grind with no real prospect of PvP in a competitive form has caused interest to wane and as such we will close down operations here and concentrate on soon to release more PvP oriented titles.

    The Chapter will go completely unofficial and those who are staying will do so under a different name, until they are called to join the ranks as LotD makes our move to dominate in our next game.

    Got what it takes to be a member of LotD? Keep an eye on our forums as we gear up for possible excursions into Wildstar Online, Archeage and Star Citizen.

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