Final Fantasy XIV Launches!

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  1. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Launching on the 27th, Lords of the Dead has formed ranks to carry our storied success into Eorza. This time around we will be supporting a PvX model and clearing Raid content alongside our usual plans to dominate the PvP scene.

    The game supports 4 and 8 man Raids to start with 24 man content to come down the road.
    4vs4 Arena to start with RvR type PvP called 'Frontlines' to follow at a later date.

    Feel free to join us on Teamspeak ( to hangout or inquire about forming a Raid Alliance with your Guild.

    Have what it takes to be a Member? Fill out an application HERE.

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  2. Mange Lord

    Good luck! Time for LotD to lock down another triple A MMO! I'll def be watching the streams when they are up.
  3. Leshil Warlord

    Game has so many who love it and play it, that they can't keep the damn servers open and had to stop digital sales until upgrades next week (additional equipment). Potential sleeper hit for 2013? I think so...

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