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    Evoex just wants someone to be his friend.
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  3. Kiwiness Crowfall Tester

    I was able to Transfer a Character to Excaliber around 9AM CST for those who still need to.
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  4. Isy Lord

    I wanna play an mmo..... how is this game as a whole?
  5. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    @Isy I am super biased because A) I love the FF franchise and B) I've played since the terrible days of 1.0 so take this with a grain of salt.

    A few reason I enjoy this game:

    • The story, if you choose to pay attention, is great. Has cut scenes to go along with it.
    • I really enjoy the music
    • A single character can level every single class / job including crafting and gathering professions.
    • Building on the above comment there is a literal shit tonne of things to do outside of the normal leveling grind. Fancy house decorating, chocobo breading, gambling, PvP (shitty), etc
    • The variety of ways in which you can level is nice.
      • Fates (think group quests that reward items, xp, and monies),
      • Dungeons
      • Duty finder (daily activities that reward bonuses)
      • Questing
      • Levequests, which are repeatable quests basically.
    • Most dungeons and trials have a hard, and now extreme mode. Likely another difficulty when the expansion comes out. A great way to recycle content but give out meaningful rewards.
    • It has a level sync system so you can enjoy lower level content with buddies and get level appropriate experience.

    Now lets touch specifically on end game:

    • Item progression, until the final raid, is based off of a currency system. You grind what they call tomestones and use those to purchase gear for ANY job you want. For example I mostly tank but can spend my tomestones on bard gear. A great way to gear out any secondary job you enjoy while giving you the option of what role to play.
      • No more running the same dungeon over and over again for a specific item. Adds some variety to your grind.
    • Tomestones are rewarded for a variety of activities:
      • Daily duty roulette
      • Grinding high level dungeons
      • PvP
    • The highest level tomestone has a weekly cap. Encourages an even playing field assuming you keep up with the cap
      • By doing your daily roulette for 3-4 days you can reach the cap. No need to feel pressure.
      • A complete daily roulette run is about an hour, depending on job and wait times.
    • The combat is slower I would say (rumors say it is being sped up) but it focuses on mechanics.

    Why you should start now if you are a new player:

    • Depending on how fast you want to level it can take anywhere from 4-7 days of play time. Starting now ensures you have plenty of time and if you choose more time to level additional jobs.
    • The game loves to lock content behind chain quests. Starting early means you can unlock all dungeons, trials, and old raids before the expansion comes out.
    • A gear reset is coming with the new expansion. No pressure to have the highest level gear in a few months, so long as you have the story complete and all content unlocked you're good to go.

    Maybe @Guilford and @Ricecooker can chime in here.
  6. Guilford Warlord

    In terms of PVE games this one is by far my Favorite
    The game encourages group play at all levels for dungeons fate leveling and raid
    The game while slower in pace to wow really shows the skill level of the players due to the small raid size and party size 8 and 4 respectivly
    there are things to do even when not Pve such as crafting and minigames
    If this game has a downsize it is its PvP system which is not the focal point of the team behind it.

    I would advise this game to anyone who enjoys challanging PVE content to anyone.
  7. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Agreed on the above.
  8. Isy Lord

    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM........................... Who all is playing it right now?
  9. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    There's an interest poll in the official games sub forum.

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