First Legendary weapon!

Discussion in 'Crowfall' started by Xpade, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    We crafted up the first legendary weapon today..... RNG gods were not nice.... but hey.. it looks pretty. At least it goes to show you can be better geared in lower quality sets. Lower quality can be mass produced and you get more rolls for higher stats. My lower quality pistol out classes the new one in almost every aspect. I sat on test dummies for a while and it turns into about 100dmg difference per hit on the high crits (950 vs 1050 on average).

    booboo rolls.jpg
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  2. Asim Crowfall Tester

    This points up one issue (THE issue maybe) with crafting, @#$@@ rng. The epic weapon is better. I see little reason to use mats higher than green. My crafters are fully trained yet they only have 13 or 14 experimentation pips. Green mats provide for 14 pips so why use higher mats?
  3. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    After this I have participated in a lot of discussions regarding experimentation. There’s 2 things at play I think. 1 reaching 50% difficulty that changes the way a success scales in reward, 2 the final difficulty which’s as gets higher means your more likely to get lesser success returns. I think we see better results with greens because we reach 50% without going toooo high. What I mean by this is, get to 50% and then stop adding pips. 51% and 51% have a pretty high good/great success rate. Anything beyond that doesn’t add value in your roll unless you are mass producing or hoping for 12 amazing pips roll.
  4. Asim Crowfall Tester

    I am not sure what you mean X. Are you saying that if we have 14 total pips you should roll 7 every time? Not sure how this changes the fact that we have about 14 total pips and greens allow you to use all 14. Blues allow you to use 16 but that is wasted because you only have 14. I have noticed that I rarely get a success less than good, except failures and critical failures. It sure is annoying when you have maxed stats at 100, a difficulty of 5 and you get a failure.
  5. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    I’m saying once you reach 50% difficulty , stop adding pips. The mechanics change at 50%. You get higher scales rewards on success when you reach 50% difficulty. If your not sure what I mean by difficulty, it’s that number that changes when you add pips to the experimentation

    And 100 doesn’t mean 100. It’s more like 100 minus 5, so when you craft 100 tools, 5 are pretty much guaranteed to fail. Now success and amazing is based off of your skill tree training and adding a crafting leader to group to enhance your success rolls.
  6. Asim Crowfall Tester

  7. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    Yes, one of the few I’ve participated in. There’s a lot of cool testers out there. My favorite this weekend was my 2shotting a 7k hp champion.... it got a bit noisy in chats as they cried Jax and OP till I explained how it happened...... that being said.... prepare for some more guine duelist.

    Kirchoffs reply explains it well, same thread but singling in on his reply.
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  8. Xpade Crowfall Leadership


    I give 0 shits about color/quality any more...............


    the rolls.jpg
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  9. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    Also... .in my crafting adventures....

    Don't add points to durability... just don't.... its bugged... and lowers your Sheen/stats. I had noticed a video a while back.. didn't think it was still an issue. Definitely lost about 15% of my stats when crafting a chain mail suit.. noticed it on the last piece.. then made another just to verify... definitely, 100% positive it is broken. On a good note... my critical failure raised my stats.... followed up by a success that lowered it lol. My science project is already submitted to ACE.
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  10. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    Tell me more about 2 shorting a champion :)
  11. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    Rapid fire for 4K, pepperbox for 3.5k. Or so....

    Armor penetration can currently achieve higher numbers than armor can resist so you hit players like they are dummies. I played a lot yesterday with some new bang sticks and people don’t get out of stun before they are dead. Nothing you can do about an opening stun followed by 7.5k dmg. I would confidently go 1v5 around a keep and drop 1-2 before going around a corner and tunneling part something for LoS block.
  12. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    What build focusing on penetration?
  13. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Well once you get the 120 damage gun, there is no point single pipping. Just keep Yolo rolling epics and legendaries. Collecting rare ore and trying to upgrade your weapon is the end game.

    An amazing roll legendary must be 140 or 150 damage. It is a huge upgrade in damage.
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  14. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    Yeah, kinda what I had been intending. That being said.... I’ve staged us to have a lot of extra gear laying around. Do you want me to level qberto in the EK or save it and we find a way to get everybody (like all the people on the roster... 40+ right?) to log in for one day just to say “hi” and remind people LoTD is here, just not gonna be active till beta’ish.
  15. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    I would just hold it for now and give it to people who log in. Pretty sure they will have some sort of wipe when they intro 5.5. Atleast a character wipe and introduce vessels or have a full wipe.

    Fyi, I'm in New Zealand and Australia until March 17th.
  16. Asim Crowfall Tester

    I did a little experimenting today.

    I used two fully trained crafters who were also fully trained in leadership.

    The only pot which gave an added benefit to this combination was Experimentation Success. The other two added no stats.

    I was crafting mail armor using white materials. For preliminary combines i accepted only amazing or great successes. I made enough for 3 attempts. I received 2 moderate and 1 good. As expected, the moderate was pretty crappy. The good however was better than the green I was wearing by 218 (588/370 59%) hit points and .101 (.519/.418 24%) electricity pen. This was only a GOOD combine. Also the good combine was made using sub mats which were Great successes. Imagine what power a legendary piece with all Amazings will have!!

    Same scenario only making helms. Great success 301 (669/368 82%) hit points, .158 (.606/.448 35%) elec pen and .218 (.576/.358 61%) far sight. All sub mats were Amazing successes on the Great success roll.

    I have 14 pips and using whites each line uses 6 so I rolled 6 on elec pen plus 1 on hit points. The balance of the hit points I rolled 2 at a time and left the durability line blank as suggested by Xpade.
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  17. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    Yeah, the potions lose effectiveness once you reach a certain point. You hit caps pretty easily with leadership buff. The "assembly" adds something like 1.5 to your stat, you should be capped on experimentation success by skill tree / group leadership, and the points add 0.8 of a point. so if you are at 14.1 and use a potion it will do nothing for you, but if you are are 14.2/14.3 it will push you past the 15.0 mark. Me personally...... I won't do this as I go with the 50% rule. What this means... is what you are talking about with your "good" roll is what takes effect once you pass that 50% threshold, the multiplier changes. You can do 50, 53, 60+... the algebra doesn't change after 50%... but your success rate goes down the more pips you add. Now.... if you want to go for 9 pips amazing vice 7 and 2 thats on you, but I would rather have a higher success chace at 7 and call it good enough. That's just me though. What i mean by 7 and 2 is that if I have 14 points to spend, i will do 7 (50%) and 2 in grade, and 5 in durability which puts me at 50% again. I had much better success doing this on whites and greens as the difficulty rating shoots up in the blue/purple/gold items
  18. qberto Crowfall Leadership

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